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Thank you, what’s next?

City of Dreams – Alesso & Dirty South

It’s the time of the year that is supposedly the peak once again. The last few days of the year that everyone tends to obsess over. Plans for countdown, throwing the biggest parties, attending the biggest parties, or on the other end, it’s basking in the stillness, reflecting on the past year and making resolutions.

It’s been a good 1 year plus since I last wrote, and perhaps its my way of wrapping things up for 2012. With all these free time on hand, you can’t help but think, so what?

So what if your countdown was a total blast and you have the best time of 2012?
So what if you reflect on every good and bad thing that has happened?
So what if you set amazing goals and resolutions for 2013?

Perhaps it sounds a little jaded. But at the end of the day, what do all these count for? Our pursuit of happiness is but temporal, at most short lived. Maybe it’s the bitterness and regret that I should have taken the first flight out for NYE earlier this week. Even then, that would be a temporal escape. Instead here I am in bed penning my wrap up, my final catharsis of the year before an exciting 2013.

To sum up my 2012 – it would be: Thank you, what’s next?

I’m thankful for all the experiences that have happened. The spontaneous travels, unexpected parties, new friendships. Yes, the way I see it, planning tends to take away most of the fun. Experiences should be lived out, not predicted. And that was how most of 2012 went. It was great, no regrets, and I’d  do the same for 2013, this time, with less procrastination.

Yes, that caused my NYE abroad. Sometimes, I fall into the cycle of “What ifs” – What if things happened differently? What if I was daring enough to do what I really felt? Or say the words that were in my head? That’s regret.

Perhaps there were many things that could have gone differently, but I believe God has the right timing for everything. I can feel it, 2013 – it will happen. Call it faith, self-fulfilling prophecies, motivation what nots. What’s going to happen next is what you make it out to be. With faith on the big guy above of course.

I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get out of Singapore. To start a life in a new country, a new job, new experiences. Even if I can’t move out of this place, things will definitely be different. No more being passive, over analyzing stuff or procrastinating. Someone once told me, if you have all these ideas in your head and you are not going to use them, then when will you ever?



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