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and we party like there’s no tomorrow

lionel, mae, jas, shaun, mark, nic and paul

following the whole entire chaotic day of running around in heels at the marina bay sands, i ran into paul from plus six five on the way to the media cocktails. after a whiskey with the press, and the usual pr hihellogoodbye, i found myself at the mbs lounge with mae and the bunch of guys.

went along to the launch of Avalon after, and the rest is just crazy fun. well, despite it being an outdoor event and the guys were all in their full suits, the open bar and champagne played a pretty good distracting part. it wasn’t long before we were all happily bouncing around.

what can i say.. it’s the company that makes a great party..

the night was still young, and we headed off to zouk for another round and one of the best nights ever. probably because the alcohol kicked in at about the right time for everyone.

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l’ouverture officielle du Marina Bay Sands

it’s been 2 weeks and it’s still one of the best day ever.

launch of marina bay sand 2 wednesdays ago turned out to be one hell of a night. and i’m really glad i was pulled out of the office to help onsite for the launch. even if it was THAT last minute. nothing can be worse than being stuck glued to your seat all day growing fat on your ass.

so the launch was pretty insane, intense and invigorating all at once. i mean, 1000 over media?! it was nice to see the familiar faces again, and bumped into Mya who used to be at Female, the catalog crew and many more.

i remember getting pulled to hand out ear the concert stage to hand out umbrellas and assist the media. It started to drizzle, and in front of our little box of umbrellas and poncho, all hell broke loose. ive never believed that the general public could be this barbaric and unreasonable. i know its raining, and i would very much love to hand out brollies to all who needs it, but it was under strict instructions that these were only for media as we had very limited ones, and the media were our guest. so we had countless of aunties and uncles coming up to ask for one and telling us that we’re heartless to leave them standing in the rain and what not. and it got worse when they tried to snatch it from us. come on, snatching?! we also had a couple who were so desperate that they were willing to pay us for the brollies! mm.. imagine the amount we’d make?! oh well, i was pretty shocked by the behavior and lack of understanding. how are these people even allowed into mbs?!

i always thought mbs had a certain class and grandeur about it, but seeing some folks strolling around in their tattered shots and slippers just totally kills the image. on one side you see these strolling rags, and on the other, its juxtapose by these men and women in their full tux and evening gowns. get the picture now?

it was chaotic, and busy and everything in between, but at the end of the day, despite the fact that we all couldn’t feel our legs, knee down, it was one of the best events ever.

and the night was even better..

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Rated X

I’ve been a little behind on the posts, well, very behind indeed. but u know what they say, better late than never..

i got invited to the ck underwear show, which was at one of the warehouses down at keppel. it was sort of similar to the previous marc jacobs resorts collection one, just sans a programme.

i’m guessing its some sort of a trend now, to organize an event without a programme, but somehow it just doesnt cut it. the set up and all were pretty cool, with models behind cages and the whole underground thing going on. i must say they definitely captured the whole raw, dirty essence to the X-rated theme. so it was an open bar and celebrity spotting, which isnt too much of fun for me given the fact that im not the sort that will go crazy and jump at the sight of a famous artiste.

i met miranda, now fashion writer for female, and steph’s friend. really cook chic, and we had our own fun. with all that champagne¬† going around and no dinner, it wasnt long before everyone was bouncing on clouds.

collection wise, didn’t see much, or get a feel or anything special, but hey, it’s the crowd that makes the party doesnt it? ive yet to attend a fashion show that blows me away. btw, love the Polaroid girls going around for the guest’s snap shots!

men in cages.. animal instinct?

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