5 months in 64

it’s almost 2 and the club hits is keeping me awake. i know im so gonna regret this when i wake up tomorrow with a huge headache. oh well. so here’s what’s been happening over the past 5 months.. in pictures. because hipstamatic limits you to only taking photos in well lit areas, there is a huge huge lack of party shots. but they were good crazy times, just much less.

becuase there’s so many and its taking forever, perhaps the 2nd half will be kept for another day.

so its been a crazy journey getting all fitted into work, huge ass reality slap about genuineness of people, learning about crack barbies, and making real great friends who are open enough to process your crazy ideas.

tried awesome brunch at Kith, i love love that place and its just a 15min walk away. nothing beats a nice lazy sunday brunch by the river.

german localisation with severin, and the last min road trip to JB! OMG the seafoood!!

yummy smoke salmon and poached eggs at Hatched with mel and lianne. it’s the first time i actually like beer – their berry beer, Rose is nicee..

and yummylicious edelman lohei dinner at Min Jiang. the cereal crayfish is a must have! and who knows peking duck can be served 3 ways?!

i had a really awesome intern, farhana, who has gone back to aussie land. why do all good people go there?! and had tons of fun.

the usual loves, angel, lins, jj, jay and everyone else. esp my dear boy justin.


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