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behind the doors of 609

carina’s little birthday surprise at fairmont turned out pretty great! it was fun, crazy people, good electro music and a really yummy chocolate cake from prima (i think). i have to look for that cake again. it was awesome!!

im so happy amelia actually came!! definitely the guest of honor!

the night ended with a crazy party at Thriller and Bump at butter. so happened dre’s bday was the day before, so we surprised him with a little cake. mackie Ds after with the stand chart runners was pretty hilarious.

Happy Birthday both!



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see you dancing..

lover’s spit – feist

the usual mambo with mambo crazy eugne, polly and jason who went all legs fetish.

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the long hiatus, and bits and pieces in between

work has been killing this blog. having to stare at the screen for 12hrs straight the whole day, its the last thing you’d wanna do when you get back. ive been putting off my thoughts and everything else. its sad, sometimes, that a part of my life is being put on hold. but then again, ive realized how important sleep is. and waking up at 7 everyday is really motherfucking insane. it doesnt make any sense, if everyone doesnt like waking up that early, a universal rule to push back the working hours for everyone would just make things better! if we all started work at 12, and work on till say 8pm, wouldnt that be much better than having to pry yourself outta bed at such unearthly hours?! i just hate mornings, esp when everyone’s really chatty and there’s so much noise. it hurts my head a hell lot. its like squeezing a million voices into that tiny space, plus echo. the things i have to go through every morning.

work’s been good. im loving the things im doing, the things i get to work on are really what i like, and seem pretty fun! all thanks to the boss. love it! and its nice when your directors are nice and approachable. at least it makes working feels that much more like home. but there will always be the bits of ugly that kills your day, and makes you wanna just walk out on some mindless piece of shit that irritates the hell outta you. i guess that’s inevitable everywhere. but still, at the end of the day, it’s always been all good so far. maybe not caring so much does help. if its anything i learnt, PR teaches you to tell how fake people are. which disgusts me a hell lot, but its a necessary evil. but i still don’t believe in practicing that. never will. even if you don’t like something, you gotta learn to see the good out of it. sincerity definitely goes a long way, and i hope this proves true some day.

ive been having problems with by butt. it hurts from sitting down so long. i can’t stand sitting the whole entire day. never understood how anyone could do it. if we sit soo much every single day, don’t we all get flat bums after?! oh god, noooooo… im seriosuly considering buying those big ass exercise ball and sitting on that instead. if only i could.

another thing is that why do people put on so much weight when they start working?! the dude next to me told me he put on 6kg since he started. and that’s like less than 2 years? a year?! OMG! i would DIE, KAPEESH, if i became like that. its scary as hell. i used to eat one meal and be fine with it, now it’s like breakfast, lunch and dinner. oh god. panic attack! and there are like snacks in between to fight the z monster. why oh why. i need to stop eating.

so its finally a sunday where i dont have much to do. at least for the mornings. ive consolidated all the photos and stuff, and i will, WILL make an attempt to maintain this. i dont wanna end up like one of those people who throw away a part of their life just cuz something else comes in. 2009 is ending, its been getting scarier by the year how fast time is passing on by.

it’s always so many things, so little time!!!

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feel it – three six mafia feat tiesto

cafe girls meiling and lins, the little thai princess for the day hannah, and my not so green green curry chicken

thai festival in church some time back. cafe’s always fun when there are such themes! and i made green curry! im glad it was a sell-out!!

cooking for 30 people is no joke!! ive never cut so much chicken in my life! and it was my first time to the wet market alone in the morning. i had sooo many weird stares and i so wanted to start taking photos of everything, unfortunately not.

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