in for the chase, its a closed case

what happens when you’ve gotten what you wanted?
what happens when you’re satisfied? when you hold in y our hands the very thing you’ve always wanted. what if when you’ve gotten what you really wanted, you realize that it isnt what you thought it would be? is it wrong to be wanting something else? or maybe someone else?

people often say they know what they want, they know what they are looking for. sure there are certain specifics we all are certain of, but the bigger picture can only be seen when you’ve pieced every part of the puzzle. sometimes i cant help but wonder, am i sure this is exactly what i want? very often it boils down to one simple statement of being happy. but it isnt always that simple. we will never be contented.

when would you know when you’ve found the right one? when can you be so sure that that’s the one guy u’ll be happy with for god knows how long?! what if you had a chance, and thought too much and let it slip on by? moments only come once, does it mean our propensity for us to live in regret increases as we age? a friend once told me love is when you give yourself up to someone and hang yourself on a tree. could love be such a cruel thing? or perhaps its the fact that the harder we try to understand, the more we tend to over think and screw things up.

sometimes i really wish things could be simple and just come out right..


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