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shopping : girls = beer : boys

i think about reviving this and i feel tired and gravitate towards my bed. somehow the weekends seem much shorter than it used to be. somehow i don’t get to spend enough time with my bed, enough time doing the things i love, and perhaps endless mindless surfing of fashion blogs and pretty pictures.

the thought of having to wake up in about 6 hours just makes me wanna get all angsty and hate the world. mornings are bad when you don’t get enough sleep. and that makes me angsty and pissed off about the slightest things. its so bad, but i believe there are millions of others who feel the same, except all you weirdos morning people.

anyway, went for a mini dempsey flea with the girls from edelman. boy are they dressed up for a sunday. the last thing i ever wanna do on a weekend is to dress up. ok maybe i would. i dunno. but oh well, it was nice everyone was all pretty and dressy. i dont think ive been out with such a big a buncha girls in quite a while. i was never the clique type for some reason. but it was fun. shopping is to girls like beer is to guys. it never fails to make everyone happy.

the dempsey flea was rather disappointing. i wouldnt even call it a flea. thankfully we decided to go down to haji and to our surprise there was a flea going on there! totally made my day! according to jon sup was having a bbq and the fixies were all there. bumped into the guys with their flashy bikes. im totally loving the whole flea atmosphere there. everyone’s just chill and doing their thing and friendly and all. this really cool flea dude, sea wong, had his stall there and i managed to get a pierre cardin blazer for quite the steal! his stuff are absolutely vintage-lovely. shoulder pads, tweed, detailed buttons and all things vintage. definitely one of my favourite flea shops. the rest were mostly blog shops which never quite interest me. i mean, no one would wanna go around wearing something half the girls on the street owns and knowing that it comes from bangkok, why would i pay the inflated price? i mean there are some blog shops with good designs and quality, and then there are those wannabes that totally kill the scene. looks like there are always bad eggs in the basket.

this reminds me, im really missing bangkok so so much. i really cant wait for the next time i get to go there. somehow im wishing by some miracle i can go there over this weekend. I NEED A MIRACLE! or a really rich ass bf who love me to bits.  hiaz.. me and my fairy tale imaginary life.


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in for the chase, its a closed case

what happens when you’ve gotten what you wanted?
what happens when you’re satisfied? when you hold in y our hands the very thing you’ve always wanted. what if when you’ve gotten what you really wanted, you realize that it isnt what you thought it would be? is it wrong to be wanting something else? or maybe someone else?

people often say they know what they want, they know what they are looking for. sure there are certain specifics we all are certain of, but the bigger picture can only be seen when you’ve pieced every part of the puzzle. sometimes i cant help but wonder, am i sure this is exactly what i want? very often it boils down to one simple statement of being happy. but it isnt always that simple. we will never be contented.

when would you know when you’ve found the right one? when can you be so sure that that’s the one guy u’ll be happy with for god knows how long?! what if you had a chance, and thought too much and let it slip on by? moments only come once, does it mean our propensity for us to live in regret increases as we age? a friend once told me love is when you give yourself up to someone and hang yourself on a tree. could love be such a cruel thing? or perhaps its the fact that the harder we try to understand, the more we tend to over think and screw things up.

sometimes i really wish things could be simple and just come out right..

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the big corporate eat off

the whooper maiden had her very first whooper burger at the bk bar on tuesday with the corp team. it was my second outing with the folks at edelman, but the first with the corp team. it was pretty nice, just that i was struggling to down the huge ass burger. seriously.. i’d be much happier off with the tiny sliders anyday. was never a big fan of fast food, but it wasnt that bad, just overly large. i cant imagine how anyone can stomach the double or triple whooper. it’s insane. and i must say the espresso sundae was the best thing i had the whole night! its the fast food version of an affogato, without compromising the standard of espresso too!

corp eat offedelfolks: del, kk, charlotte, kel, juls, me, jocelyn, the boss jon, mark, sueann, kim, fenix and keith

i must say the outing was very much different from the one i had with the guys from the tech team on friday. they’re both fun, but in a very different way. friday was crazy.. and i never expected to end up at butter with carmen and cindy. i missed dre’s crazy mixes. hopefully there’ll be another party real soon. indian food with the boss and team was delicious! mmm.. it was worth braving the heavy spicy smell that sticks to you like glue..

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by a thread


this blog is kinda dying. and i need to do something to revive it. soon. but i’ve been barely surviving with the scraps amount of sleep i can get.

so i’ve finally started work. at a really good pr firm. one of the top 3 in the region in fact. and im really really happy i got the job. it was that or nothing. so thank god for that. im refusing to out the name down in case this comes up in any searches. u’ll never know. work starts in an hour and im feeling even more exhausted than before i went to bed. i seriously need a break soon.

i love the shit loads of work. maybe not all the time, but the stress level is good. keeps you going. at least pushing me to reach to my 5-year goal/plans. i had just shared it with my director yesterday, so hopefully that will stick in his head. i actually enjoy working there quite a bit. i just HATE the waking up at 7 every morning. i totally totally hate it. and i hate my damn freaing slow ass grandmother of a computer. it freakin freezes when i need multiple tabs. so much for being efficient. everyday im this close to murdering it. they seriously need to do something about it soon. besides that everything else seems to be going good. maybe except the fact that they make me do stupid stuff that interns do sometimes. which i hate. dont freakin treat me like an intern when you’ve got tons running around the office! oh well. im giving it some time. when the time’s up i’m not gonna sit there and be quiet about it.

so im gonna be late for work. AGAIN! cab fare is totally killing me. argh. and its a headache finding clothes to wear every morning. damn i need to shop. oh well.. till then..i would write more about funny things that go on in the office, and maybe out of it too.

my manager was interviewing this girl for an internship yesterday. apparently she was from rjc and my school. what a shame. and the conversation went like this:

manager: so what brings you to edelman?
girl: oh.. the bus. i took the bus here.
manager: nonono, let me rephrase, what made you want to come to edelman?
girl: ooh.. my prof. and because everyone said it was good
manager: ok.. so tell me more about yourself. what do you like to do in your free time?
girl: um.. chatting on msn.
manager: do you have any questions for me?
girl: yes, is this those places that you would have to read alot of newspapers? because i dont like to do that.

so much for getting the job girl.. u totally swept your interviewer off her feet.i mean seriously?! the things you say at an interview?! and to think you came from rjc and is in a communications university. i’m ashame you even go to my university. but the bus thing is still pretty hilarious!

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