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forever – chris brown

dinner at overeasy on saturday follwed by a night of dancing, and watching dharni do his thing. havent heard him in quite a while, and the crowd was pretty responsive that night. the food at overeasy though, was a tad bit disappointing. i think the only 2 items worth ordering are their sliders and nachos, which has a pretty awesome dip!

overeasy and butter


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glam rock

a minor incident – badly drawn boy

Carolina defiitely makes denim so much more wearable with class and edge. it definitely gives a whole new meaning to just the simple denim shorts and tee combi.



gorgeous denim vest, i want this!! studded vest from Beyond Retro.
why don’t we have stuff like these here?!


love the crochet/lace top


rings, knuckle brace and clutch all in one. perfect! from Alexander McQueen


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madame flamingo

hide and seek – imogen heap

my thai friend janet was in town for the weekend so we met up for drinks on friday before harry potter! apparently there was some guest dj at zouk, and she wanted to check it out so we got some drinks before i had to go for harry potter with joy and all.

its pretty amazing how she started off as a shoe designer and her shoes are now here in Singapore! i was actually a customer when i first met her, and im still loving her designs! check it out here at Madame Flamingo. i do hope she opens her own flag ship here in singapore, instead of selling it at haji.

janet zouk

i bumped into quite a few people at zouk, eeron, kevin shih and phillip! the little boy who used to run around my home with my brother. the last i saw him he was what, 10?!! and now he’s bigger than me! it’s scary! haha.. oh how time flies by!

harry potter was a must watch, but a very disappointing one. it was like wtf at the end.. i really thought it could have been much much better. there was pretty much quite little action as compared to the previous one and the development of the plot was rather poorly done as well. nonetheless, it is harry potter, and the set and all oughta make up for it.

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time to pretend

teardrop – massive attack

im absolutely in love with this song. with the rain crashing outside and bumming on my comfy bed all day seems like a pretty nice blue monday.

procrastination has been getting the better of me lately and somehow everything’s either pushed back or put on hold. its so horrible but i cant seem to fight it.  that aside, here’s what’s been going on the past few weeks.

so we had a beach party at church’s cafe 2 saturdays ago. it was my first time serving there making burgers and fries! it totally reminded me of how it used to be like working at ben & jerry’s and i kinda miss that. i miss the days where we would mess around and come up with all sorta things to do, and at the same time breaking the sales record. and best of all we’d all go out party/suppper together after. it was what work should always be like. cafe was ok, kinda new to everyone there so things were much quieter and a tad bit awkward. i don’t know how to fit in, cuz i never did from the start, since i was young. some people are just meant to stand out, yeah right.oh well. it was nice for everyone else i guess..


pretty babe rachel & i in the life guard shirt!
i just love my shades!


15 July
Cass is back! yay! its always nice when the girl comes back from the states. somehow going out with her makes you feel like a tourist all over again. which is a very refrshing sort fun. thanks to the grey morning on 2 wed’s back which sorta killed our beach plans, so we ended up touring  bugis instead. local foods only fun when its treated like something rare. ok that probably doesnt make sense but to me it does. having too much of singaporean food kinda makes me sick, and i rarely eat it. so only on occassions, like when cass is back, that i try something local, once in a while. ive been having a very bad craving for bakwa the past weeks, and its so odd buying just one piece/100g of the meat! but its yummylicious!

haji cass

haji cass 1

from the delicious mango sago at liang seah, the usual quirky shops along haji, doinky doodles & the costume shop, masquarade!

it was the usual butter followed by zouk routine. yes, it really seems like a routine now, but yet every wednesday seems to be a bit different. this time it was gonna be J who’s joining in the party!!

15july clubbing

15july clubbing2

15july clubbing1

J at butter

the girls i always have fun with & j and friend!

it so happened i wore my zip dress which zips from the top, all the way down to the end, and i swear its the last time im wearing that dress to club. the zipper went down so many times thanks to the girls who were all too high. geee.. its crazy, but i still love them.. and no more zipper dress anymore!

and i remember we were all up on the podium when i saw this dude in a blazer who was pretty cute, maybe from afar.. but yes.. he was pretty charming and actually came over to said hi and gave me a high 5.. which i found very odd. oh well.. i never saw him again after that, but he had real pretty eyes, very pale, somewhat like a vampire.. i know.. im odd.. oh well..

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through the looking glass

i cant wait for this!

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hope deferred makes the heart sick..

the past weeks have been pretty crazy.. with so many people coming back, and visiting the tiny island.. its always fun when people come back, definitely more fun if i get to go away. what can i say..been busy going out with different people so much so that ive pretty much neglected writing. in fact it feels like there’s so  much to say that things are just one big mess. sometimes i really wonder what the hell am i even doing with my time. and it scares me so much that im running out of time.  so much so that i hate it.

i wanna stop questioning myself, i wanna stop wishing things would be different. its tiring, and i feel stupid for even trying, time and time again. why?! there’s no such thing as “its not you, it’s me”, besides it being a lame cheesy excuse. i feel horribly underachieved when i see my friends around me doing so much more and being younger. it sucks and it kills me that i can’t even find a freakin job. the regret of not deferring from school and taking up those job offers is really eating me up every single night. its so frustrating and pathetic, and i hate it, so much so that sleep becomes a problem. yet everyone just thinks im having the time of my life partying away. oh the irony! it frustrates me so much i wished someone up there would just take me away. this isnt even meant to be such a sad emo post and now ive managed to even screw it up.

life is so weird that when things start getting good, and you’re all happy at one moment, just one stupid incident can screw one thing up, and its like  curse that screws everything else up and it just snowballs and kills you. i was happy. i was happy with how it was, even if it was for such a short while, it felt unreal and everything was going great. and i mean really everything. and then i had to fuck it all up real bad i hate myself for it. and best of all i dont even know how or why.

there are tons of photos.. and so little time to load them all up.. hopefully soon..


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grow a heart

im completely in shock and disbelief of how heartless anyone could be. how things can be just brushed off so easily by cynicism. how mockery could replace compassion. and this doesnt even concern me.

i wanted to talk, be nice and say some stuff.. but kudos to you pushing me away. if you’ve intended for hurt or angst, well.. congratulations. im more shocked about what i even did to start this. when nothing was directed at you or caused any implications for that matter. why i have to hear these harsh, heartless words, when i don’t even think i did anything wrong in the first place. and what breaks mine is how much indifference there is. how much blood has drained, and how much of what was once there that’s been replaced.

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