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you make the good girls go bad

leighton meester looking fabulously hot in Cobra Starship’s new song. catahcy electro pop tune that kinda sticks in your head. but i love it!


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lift a light up for me

boston – augustana

the usual wednesday at mambo. it’s become a routine now. a routine that should be broken. it was ladies night, full out. i don’t think ive clubbed with so many girls before.. and these ladies are just lovely! it was a pretty good night, probably cuz i was happy from my new pseudo bandage high waisted skirt i bought from topshop earlier that evening. shopping always gets any girl happy. such suckers we are. oh well.. i love new things, and i love them pretty!

so someone commented that i party too much and that i should stop. ive heard that like a thousand times now. contemplated with that a hell lot and seriously would if there was really something so major to make me stop ( i think i know what), or probably when i settle down. either way, im hoping it’d be soon. till then.. it’s parrtttayyyy!




we’ll be together in electric dreams

and in an attempt to turn this blog into a rather more fashion sorta thing here are outfits. these girls really do love to dress up, and effortlessly too.


Shermin: short sleeved biker jacket; grey oversized tee, topshop; leggings; and a spunky new bob from Tony & Guys


Joy: electric blue tube dress, topshop; leopard print leggings


Lulu: grey rolled up casual blazer; white tank; denim cuff shorts


Me: sheer off shoulder top, bysi; pink bandage skirt, topshop

lets see how long this goes..

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it’s a jungle out there!

love is gone – David Guetta & Chris Willis

we went to the zoo zoo zoo on tuesday night! alright, more like the night safari, but still so much fun none the less. i think its been  more than 10 years since i visited such places, and i almost forgot how fun it was. we walked the entire park! saw all sorts of weird animals, but it was pretty fun. and there were porcupines MATING! woooot! apparently according to the girls i interrupted their sex. poof!

night safari1

charlotte, shermin, shuhui & joy!

night safari

there’s just a thing about parks, and nature that makes you feel like a kid all over again. i don’t think i’ve felt more excited about seeing a wild cat or a hayeena! i guess we pretty much made quite a lot of  noise squealing and getting excited over almost about everything, it was pretty crazy. its nice when you can just forget whatever that’s around you and go crazy and really just be in that moment.

on a completely different note, ive always wanted to do something more fashiony with this blog. so here’s a start.. at least i hope..


Charlotte: navy one piece
Shuhui: oversized tank, zebra leggings
Joy: junkfood tee, shorts
Me: checkered shirt, Alain Figarete, cuffed denim shorts, zara

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so its been all over the news, facebook, msn and what not. its tragic, sudden, and saddening. rip micheal jackson. he’ll always be the king of pop, without a doubt. cant imagine the devastation  amongst all his fans. well i always thought he was pretty much misunderstood and screwed over my the media, and its really sad how mess up the paparazzi can screw you over. he was definitely one of the idols we all grew up adroing. thriller, billie jean, black or white and so many more. i remember watching his concert LD all sunday..

here’s one of my fav song, besides the ever popular ones..

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was it something i said?

i can’t help but think everytime it happens, ok maybe it doesnt even happen. its frustrating, im tired, i feel like a fool, an idiot and what not. don’t wanna feel this way. wanna move on, can’t move on. arghh.. i’m stuck. tried giving up, but failed terribly. tried like a million more times and i’m still at the same place. its hard when your head and your heart is at two completely different places. was it really something i said or do or what?! im overeacting,  probably, but the questions dont change.

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fly my paper aeroplanes


saw this on Daydream Lily by YellowGoat, and its just perfect! tiny silver paper aeroplanes.. i’d but it if it wasn’t that exorbitantly priced!

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