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its my party and i cry if i want to


yes, im stuck with no music. cuz im in the hotel room and everyone else is snoring away. it’s day one in hongkong. i’d say its a freakin awesome break from the suffocating tiny island of crap. i wanted to write something before i flew off this morning but i was so last min in packing i was almost late.

the weather here’s pretty awesome. its spring, so its like an air conditioned island. which is what singapore should be like! sunny with cold wind. its great seeing the rich culture of fashion street wear. somehow everyone looks like they actually put in effort to dress up. its really interesting. may not be what i like, or weird even, but its their own style. and they’re proud rockin it, which is what style is all about.

im suppose to be happy, excited and crazily overjoyed. but somehow all those have been surpressed. dont get me wrong, im really having a blast. but there are things on my mind unsettled, things that hurt and things that i found out today that really shot a bullet through my heart.

im sad. disappointed, and very angry with myself. im pissed that im so gullible, pissed that  ive allowed things to happen when it shouldn’t, pissed that ive believed people that easily, and allowed to be taken for a fool. its very hurting when you find out stuff from others that you never expect someone to do to you. it hurts a hell lot, and i don’t know how im gonna deal with it. a friend said its because i trust people to easily, i guess its my phunishment then. im pretty much lost and confused, and wishing i’d understand why it went this way. why i was so blind and stupid and never saw it coming.



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the last ladies night

it wasnt quite the usual ladies night. somehow partying seems like just an excuse to head down to zouk. it was a completely chill night, minimal dancing, almost no alcohol at all. i think im about done with the lifestyle.



the retirees: fuwei, mel & keith

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the new found love


totally loving the whole denim shorts spring look. and i love love love the gorgeous lace jacket! the right kinda lace is definitely very hot..

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wise words

sway – bic runga


Lagerfeld couldn’t have given a better reason to diet. simple and to the point!

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please please make it stop
make it stop hurting
make the tears stop flowing
make the pain in my head go away
and the confusion and the chaos as well
i don’t know why, or how or what
all i know is that i really want all of it to stop
i really can’t take it anymore..

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je pense ã toi

Pour un sourire du bout du monde
J’inventerais les rêves ã venir
Pour nos regards qui se repondent
J’effacerais tous tes souvenirs
Je te promets de l’insoucience
Et la douceur des jours ã venir
Je te promets loin des errances
De la chaleur et de si tendres plaisirs

Je pense ã toi
Que tes pas soit plus légers
Je pense ã toi
Et tout me semble enfin si différent

Un ange,
Tu est un ange

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ã Paris

je pense a toi – lilly

friday was spent travelling all around with the girl who was suppose to go to school but ended up ditching it after 2hours. how awesome. all becuase she couldnt find her class. seesh. but it was fun anyway. going all around town. and i finally choped off my fringe! feels kinda weird. maybe i shouldnt have. arghhh..

lunch was exceptionally filling. cuz we had 2 freakin lunches. thai express and ding tai fung. omg eelin is mad, with an expanable stomach. the yam thing xiao long bao thing is still kinda weird. the amoebas really almost melted walking all the way to cathay, cuz we made a detour to paris!



we made it to Paris! and eelin got mobbed by paparazzis being mistaken for some celeb. haha.. i wish! just the pretty gates outside chijmes. im sure the sun fried our brains.


next it was off to keith’s shop at haji to bum around. and jap dinner at liang court. the down of ramen was HUGE!


it was kevin’s birthday so we all headed down to zouk to celebrate. and boy did the night went very very wrong. and i’d not gone at all if i could turn back time. wasnt feeling in the best of moods, and you can’t have fun if you’re not feeling it. oh well, maybe its a sign that it’s the end of partying for me.


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