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lips are sealed

signal fire – snow patrol

last night i learnt a damn good lesson, to keep my big mouth shut and save your ideas for your own head. all it takes is for you to believe in it to make it work. at least what i hope. no wonder most artists, designers and creative people in the industry are always so secretive about their work till the final product is released. and this applies to everything. opening you mouth and sharing your idea is just as good as leaving the front door of a jewellery shop open at night. with almost nothing  being absolutely original, there’s hardly any pride in originality of work anymore. i still don’t get how people can have the cheek to just take someone elses’ idea or work and say its their own, or even claim credit for it when they have done no work whatsoever on it.


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labour of the heart

just impolite – plushgun

Mel’s Birthday Celebration Part 2

valentine’s this year was a pretty nice escape from the crowd and a change from the usual. the valentine’s surprise for mel’s brthday went pretty smoothly. it was just funny how alex had to drag her out to the beach, like a somewhat “valentine’s date” at 5pm, even though she was dead tired just so the boys and i could go to her house to cook and prep.

it really was quite a nightmare getting the ingredients and helping the boys to cook. its like 3 people consistently talking to you all at the same time. but it was really fun. a totally romantic candlelight dinner. so on the menu for the night were:

rocket salad with watermelon & feta cheese

mini lurve burgers by Chef Dharni

dijon mustard roasted rosemary chicken

baked pasta with everything else by Chef Jin


The Surprise Crew

Chef Jin  – the pasta chef who cooks pasta without bringing the pasta

Chef Dharni  – the beatboxing burger chef (maybe the burger tasted so good cuz of the extra ingredients)

Knife Master Adrian –  our official cutter & photographer

Alex – Mel’s “date”

Nat, the sleeping princess

Rose, whom we all cant do without

The Surprise


we lined the entire hall ways and table with tealight candles


the yummylicious spread!



jin serenading the crowd. where are your eyes dude?!



jin, alex, mel, adrian & dharni

and of course, we all just HAD to thank jin for ‘ask Peter’. rah!

i hope you enjoyed your birthday mel!

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a crush to pass the time

i’d rather dance with you – kings of convenience

Mel’s Birthday Celebration Part 1

the past 2 weeks had been one full of celebration. and more partying. on top of that there’s fyp which really drives you insane and screws with your mind. project work really messes with your head. i hate it. things should just be simple and happy. i don’t care if this sounds airy-fairy either. im just glad and thankful mel and arefa have been great help in our 3.5 group.

it was mel’s birthday last wednesday and we had been planning something for her that weekend. and it had to be the valentine’s weekend, which made things a little harder. but surprises are always worth the effort! and i totally love it. of course the girl deserved it too from all the arties she’s been organizing.

the birthday dinner with mel’s family and alex at Covo somewhere along Greenwood was lovely. it was a quiant little italian  restaurant along the stretch of the Fish Market at Greenwood Ave, and it had a really cool wall! it was concrete and filled with colourful chalk doodling and messages from guests of the place. ive always had a thing for the industrial looking, bashed up concrete walls. wanted them in my room and mummy freaked out. daddy just laugh as he thinks i should either live in a warehouse or a fish tank. yes, i have a thing for huge glass windows stretching from floor to ceiling as well.

anyhow, the food was pretty awesome, and for one i enjoyed the red wine we had. i don’t usually take red wine, probably cuz its always too dry and strong for me and i get sleepy, somehow i quite like this one. the seafood starter with oyster, muscles and scallops done 3 ways was one of the best. oh yes, and the gula meleka panna cotta too! something quite unusual and interestingly delicious. somehow you can always tell the standard of a restaurant by how good their desserts are.


it was off to Secret Garden for drinks with the rest. it was nice having the whole place to ourselves. with our official entertainer dharni, and lots of wine, beer cheese and champagne. ive never been drinking so much ever since hanging out with dear mel mel.


leanne, alex, jin, haresh, mel’s daddy, adrian, dharni & christina


lastly it was off to zouk for some mambo and gettin wasted for mel and adrian to end the night. poor dude was totally knocked down by snow white and the 7 dwarfs. it was quite partying partying but its good everyone got a little tipsy with the social lubricant.


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i don’t need to find a million reasons why

this is us – keisha cole

this year’s valentine was quite the unusual. normally i’d be working, cuz ive never celebrated it before. its still a pretty hyped up commercialized rip-off-day to me. but its always nice that that special someone makes the effort just to show that he loves you.. guys, make sure ure never ashamed/afraid to show her how much you love her every day. girls too. there’s just not enough lovin’ going around these days. its the simple things that go a long way. its always nice seeing couples getting lost in each others eyes while the rest of the world just fades away. or the coy awkwardness of first dates and adorable crushes/puppy love. its nicer being the couple too.

i wonder if ure somewhere out there. wherever you are, happy valentine’s.

some really cute stuff ive found.



some interesting meanings about flowers:


courtesey of daydream lily & this is glamourous

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play at your own risk

big dancing – bounce camp

i miss zouk. like partying at zouk, the familiar crowd and faces. weird. perhaps cuz the last week was spent at butter. all 3 nights as well. thanks to dharni. it wasn’t a bad change either. i abslutely love the music there. both art bar and at the main room. and its not as squeezy, and without weird grinding guys. but sometimes the crowd’s bit weird too. oh well, i guest the djs and dharni’s beatboxing sorta makes up for it. and its nice to have gotten to know the crew there. partying within the dj area’s so much better. and of course the last week was crazy shit.

especially so on the last night. i initially went down to keep alex acompanied cuz we were all tired from last night. then  i bumbed into shermin and carina and all and it was craaazzyy.. dharni’s set was pretty insane, best ive seen so far. it was fun fun fun! of course with girls tt actually dance and party. and not just stand around. i don’t get why people go to clubs to stand around. what a waste of time seriously.


mel, alex, dharni & dre


shihui, carina & shermin!

i wonder where all the photos the photographer took of us went to..

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visual candy

middle of a magazine – tamarama

3220909515_8c4a7d2bf9_o-pola 4-pola 3265653502_6c6709b2c1_o-pola

these are a few of my favourite things

and the lovelier Poladroid! its like a polaroid right on your desktop.


i happen to come across Fifi Lapin’s latest collection for LeSportSac and its just simply adorable!



i’d love to have one of this to keep my snacks!

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