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just because..

neon wilderness – the verve

the dear david ong finally uploaded the millions of photos we took from the party of yesteryear. well not quite.. just a few weeks back. it still seems like a really long time ago. the very last of david, and we partied like there was no tomorrow, with no intention to party from the start. as i’ve always say, murphy’s law has a sick twisted sense of humour.and im still dizzy from last night’s partying at rebel and zouk.

we started off with dinner at wine company at evans. there’s just a certain type of rustic charm to the place, something a little european. but dinner wasnt that good. they should really do something about the food. when i got there i thought i was late, but dear mel was still asleep.


the last supper: jin, christina, david, dharni and adrian

and the party started after some icecream at island creamery. first stop was butter fact. man.. the drinks there were insane. it was like half a cup of alcohol and a teeney weeny bit of mixer just to add colour. it was quite gross, but it worked.


it seems like my grey jacket’s been all over, as mel’s baby, on dharni’s shoulder.. gee where else next?


first to butter!


and then the crazy party starts at zouk




mambo always makes everyone happy!


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eye candy

bittersweet symphony – the verve

ive been having some laze around time lately and im lovin every bit of it. catching up on the daily reads and finding new sites with pretty pictures is pretty inspiring. its like discovering hidden treasure. then again. im like a super highly visual person, and lie what most of my friends say, its like food for my eyes. i love sittng in letures happily browsing away and finding cool sites and pretty pictures. there are just so many, its never ending.

some stuff from a few of the new sites ive added to my reading list:


the lashes, eyeliner and messy hair is just perfect, plus gorgeous pumps from Zara(now why dont they ever have shoes like these here!), and a really cute outfit for school


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light leaks

love story – taylor swift

anticipation kills. ironic how murphy’s law screws with your mind. the more you look forward to something, the less the impact of it. its probably psychological and you subconsciously create expectations in your mind for the upcoming situation. and somehow it always turns out not quite as expected.

so anyway, the lunar new year this year isnt that much of a celebration, as always. i’m still disappointed that i didnt get to go back to bangkok. the usual dinner and visitation was pretty cordial and boring. for starters, its so hard to wake up before 11 to get ready and all, and when we got to grandma’s it was so chaotic. somehow it seemed like everyone was competing as to who can get their voice heard. its insane. all the chattering, kids whining, plus the tv and its horrible chinese ching-chongforst 20mins or so i just sat there and felt as if my head was about to explode. squeezing a bunch of people in a confined area plus some kids is definitely a bad idea. thing. for the

it was just pretty funny sitting there observing all the weirdness around. how some try to act all polite (guilty as charged), and how some try the very hardest to exclude themselves from the craziness. its always never much of a celebration for me here in spore. im very much closer to my dad’s side who are all the way in bangkok.

it was pretty ironic how i bought a dress but didnt end up wearing it at all. very weird indeed cuz i quite like the dress.

dinner with daddy on monday was one of the best times this new year. very simple, quiet and nice. i love u daddy, if you ever ever read this. now that’s something i hardly say.and its sad now that he’s started working again and we get to spend less time with him. by the time im up, he’s gone and by the time i get home he’s asleep.

sometimes i wish he’d demand more. like family dinner time and stuff. stuff normal families do. i have to say growing up wasnt quite the norm for me. ive never had any rules, no curfews whatsoever. ok, maybe just no guys in the house for me. besides that we were pretty much left to decide for ourselves. it was always more of the independent learning thing for us with daddy. its great, but there are times i’d wish i have parents who are more like parents. ive never had any stress from them to have to do well in school, neither was i force to follow a set of plans they have. basically whatever we wanted to do, we could. and just bear whatever consequences that follows. i think its cool. and nice that dad brings us up like that. he’s possibly the coolest dad around. i mean which dad would help you bail your friend outta trouble and help you sneak out of school, take u and your brother drinking at 14 or 15 and would rather you be independent and fly overseas alone than to accompany you?! i love it. every bit of it. but yet when i hear my friends having to rush off for family dinner every friday and stuff i’d feel envious. i guess no one can have it all. i’d still try for it though!

anyway.. i got carried away and rambled on about my nonsense again. it was another excuse to party, and as i had promised ms charlotte that i’d party with her it was quite a crazy night. i didnt quite expect shane to join us as well. and it was quite a night of entertainment. the boy’s got waaayy too much energy and its a first i saw pirouettes and jumps in the teeny weeny space of phuture. and yes, phuture was amazingly empty. dharni, mel and her german friend came by as well to rescue me. and it was another first that i witnessed a dance battle right on the dance floor. it was hilarious.



shane, joy, shermin, carina, charlotte, marcus & jovan


dharni, alex & mel

we kinda left phuture at 3ish cuz the music was pretty bad, and dharni was insisting that we went back to helipad cuz his friend was dj-ing there. but, brilliantly, by the time we got there it was closed, and it was impossible to get a cab so we walked all the way back to zouk. insane, but pretty nice walk by the river.

trance stuff at zouk was quite a change. it actually hurts ur head at first, but after a while it got pretty good. and the guys were doing some funny syncro great singapore workout kinda nonsense up on the podium. it was pretty funny! and somehow the party just didnt end. supper at spize for alex to try roti prata and the crazy chase for a cab, it was home after the sun rose! and alex says its no big deal cuz in germany they party till 3pm!!! that is just INSANE! oh well.. it was pretty fun night i’d say.

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the nadals and sharapovas…

caught by the river – the doves

.. or so we’d like to think. tennis turned pretty alright i’d say. just that 6 pple and 1 court’s kinda pathetic. but compared to last saturday morning’s tennis, tennis at night seems like the only option now. no one should ever do anything vigorous before 12. its just pure insanity. the brain will suffer from shock in its sleep. plus u get really horrid tannlines.


our very diligent ball pickers adrian & jin



the brilliant one who hit his own head with his own racket. bravo.





thanks to the photo editor adrian we have our very own mini collage of pictures..

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food for thought


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so long, farwell!

stand by me – oasis

when the hols started last year, i met oe of mel’s best friend david. who turned out to be one crazy fun whiney but lovable dude. and its funny how time flies and it seems like everyone’s been hanging out for quite a while. from the picking up of girls on the streets to club hopping between butter and zouk to the nice christmas dinner and all.. all good things had to come to an end. and its kinda quiet now that he’s gone back to nz, with enough alcohol to last him till next dec.


jin, christina, david, dharni and i. plus adrian and mel


jin and his silly story of Buddha and the tanks. tsk!


sending david off at the airport with dinner at swensens. i couldnt figure out why swensen’s still after he left when we bumped into his mum and sis back there for ice cream therapy.


this is jin and what 2hrs of sleep does to you.

apparently he calls the last one resting his head on the handle bar


u’ll be missed dear..

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wei recently posted some photos of jiajun’s birthday dinner from waaaay back. like finally! and it was one hell of a crazy night. i kinda miss those times. really. now its all just different i guess.


dinner at outback & the crazy partying in andy’s car


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