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midnight mixtape

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”193e46c26cafc0cbdf98890e156a2b9a” pid=”b8088af03e24008eed0f802e2333b772″ un=”deanasaechang” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

I read again between the lines

upon the page the words of love you sent me

If I could know within my heart

that you were lonely too


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the blower’s daughter – damien rice


no regrets, no turning back

its already complicated

im not taking my words back

free sprited, liberation, freedom.

the split second just before our lips brushed

the world just fades away

its throwing things to a whole new level of complication

in that moment,

no regrets, not thinking about tomorrow

im hoping we’re on the same page

i’ve once kissed faith goodbye

the bird’s gotta be free from its cage

soft kisses, gentle whisper

holding me in ur arms all night

as i watch you fall into slumber,

i couldn’t help but realize

the flaws of surrealism were just too right

maybe its what ive always wanted

perhaps a closure to this chapter

things are just getting started

it always just feels right in december

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just because i say so

hide and seek – imogen heap

some random stuff that caught my eye while wasting my time surfing aimlessly instead of cramming ethics and media law into my brain.


i love everything about this photo. soft, dreamy and love the hair!picture1


something that’ll look pretty nice on my wall

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midnight mixtape

i chanced upon this blog daydream lily and found this mixtape thing. so here goes the mignight mixtape thing!

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”9392c694a451481dd09da8f136eb4f5e” pid=”7d067e8ad520e542d90012fc9c77abc9″ un=”deanasaechang” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

So many adventures couldnt happen today
So many songs we forgot to play
So many dreams are swinging out of the blue
We let them come true

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washed out

something to look forward to this weekend!


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bright lights

sleep – imogen heap

i’m enjoying the slightly rainy weather, grey skies, toffee nut latte and christmas music at starbucks these days. its a certain serenity and peace that christmas brings. despite rushing all over, the insane horrid crowd and exams just a few days away, somehow its just delightful being there all by yourself watching the world go by.

it’s officially the last week of school, and quite surprising that mr weirdo from brandmanagent gave the class a surprise by ordering pizzas for us. so much for hating him and playin voodo with his name. most of us say its cuz of the guilt for making us wallow in his monotonous agony, insensitive demanding remarks and what nots. nonetheless, it was pretty nice.

late night musing the night before with jon was pretty fruitful. just that it makes my blood boil that everything i stayed up for, missing sleep and racking my brains for is just being shot down just like that. cuz some really thick headed people just don’t see the branding concept. don’t you know that blatent in your face kinda thing never works?!

musing-with-jonmy muse for the night with ridiculously weird shades found in his car, and god knows why there’s a mini ruber thing attached to the side!


arefa, val, nerissa, yuanting, liting & zhuomin

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revelation and the theory of the forbidden fruit

after the conversation i had with a certain friend over dinner, i realized how big of an idiot i was. honestly, i feel really stupid and blinded by what’s in front that my brain fails to function. if it were anyone else in this problem i’d see it clearly, but not when im in it myself. all these while i had the faintest hope of the situation actually getting better, i guess kissing it goodbye seem like quite the righ thing to do now. i’m not alright, i don’t feel ok either. saying thinsg will be fine would merely just be a lie. cuz i honestly don’t know. i can try my very hardest to make things as normal as possible, but i guess i’ll always know what a big stupid mistake i made. ive always lived life not regretting anything. perhaps i don’t, right now im not even sure. truthfully, it sucks, big time. especially when everything else around you seems to be falling apart and you’re trapped in a silent frustration that seems to make everything seem like a big joke. cuz bottom line, i feel abslutely dumb. im angry. and sad, and in pain. i wannt punch something so hard that it hurts so i can feel it physically too. i hate the pretend.

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