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psychedelic superstar

disturbia – rihanna

the one week break came and flew by. like literally. can’t believe its back to school in a few hours. media law grades are out and i did like crap. im quite screwed and i hope i don’t have to repeat. freak. damn sch and its misery.

it was pretty much mayhem at dempsey tonight. ben&jerry’s 3rd birthday. which turned out to be pretty awesome. i was quite happy not being involved and just going as an audience for once. after the fashion show, dance (which beat the rest hands down), and bands, the whole place kinda turned into a mini club. like people literally going up on the stage and dancing the night away. was pretty fun. of course with the free flow of food, ice cream and alcohol everyone was pretty much high. including the bosses. it wasn’t quite what i expected. it was fantastic 4 reunited! in like forever. and lenise was there too which was awesome!

the cathay girls!

hanizsa, fantastic4 and the classic pose, jolene, nicole, the cathay family & jon

nicole, lenise!!!, june, haffie, jolene, jon, hanizsa, rolly polly, px & tk


fantastic 4, len & a very happy tk!

the night was pretty happening. definitely not the typical monday. and so happy that i lost my fav bracelet!! which is quite sad considering that they don’t make any more of it and its quite a special design. damn!! plus some bitch stole dawn’s phone! whoever it is have conscience and please return it. what goes around comes around. karma’s a bitch so u ought to watch out! everyone knows having your phone taken or misplaces is one of the suckiest feeling in the world, so why would you want someone else to feel it too? i just don’t get how some people can live with the guilt after the crime.



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ขอบคุณกันและกัน – August & Pchy

i’ve got bangs! ok some what long bangs. the hair cut went pretty well and i’m quite pleased with the outcome. gine’s great with colours so tt wasn’t that much of a worry. and i decided to chop my fringe off. like finally, after deciding for a year?! i’m liking it for now, perhaps a tad bit shorter might be better, i guess?! oh well..

the mid term break came and went like POOF! what sort of break is it when everyone just bugs the hell out of you for project meetings and mugging for media law mid terms. it was probably the first week that i felt like running away so many times. i’m pretty much quite sick of it all. especially project meetings. i hate it. what’s the use of coming up with proposals after proposals and then getting it rejected just because some big ass decides to change his mind?! it doesnt even feel like our project anymore seriously.

friday night was pretty nice and unexpected. it was movie with mr nah and his usual bantering and influx of sensible nonsense. discussing the new generation’s style and their need to put up this image thing in school. its quite interesting seeing how the freshies and all behave year after year. we caught Vicky Christna Barcelona, which was pretty good. it was dark humour in a twisted sexual kinda love. i absolutely love the gorgeous set in Barcelona, the whole rustic charm and stones and the hedonistic art culture. i guess i could just ramble on forever. it seems like the perfect summer get away. and penelope in her character was awesome.

plans later that night turned out to be partying at zouk with erwin, jillien and friends.. it was pretty alright, a little weird with bad music and weird guys. but its always funny when u have a stand up comedian with you. and gosh, i never realize how weird people are on the dancefloor. like seriously. it was a good change, being the observer for once.

oh yes, and all before these i was happily sitting on my bum getting my hair done. a lighter shade of streaks and new bangs. or so i’d like to call it! alright, that’s just narcissism at its peak, which rarely happens. i was just happy with my bangs.

now its 2 days before the misery and dreadfulness of school kicks in again. freak. what kinda break is this?!!


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life is – ken hirai

i miss you guys..

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i believe in angels

forever young – youth group

mama mia is awesome. caught it today after church and it’s just completely like a fairy tale. half the time i sat there trying so hard to hold back my tears. its like watching gilmore girls allover again, and wishing i had a real relationship with my mum. but i guess its pretty much empty hope since my relationship with her is pretty much non-existent. and i really wish that things would be different.

on a completely different note, the abba songs are great btw. and somehow you’ll feel like dancing and singing after that. it’s hilarious. a teensy bit cheese but i’m lovin it!

the last min decision to head down to zouk last night turned out pretty good. zech and i headed down to look for dixon and friend at round 2, and music was pretty awesome! there was quite a bit of drama that night, we saw blood on the floor and ambulence and police all outside, plus some other nonsense. zouk main was pretty much filled with crazy ass weird pple after phuture ended. there was this girl with hands placed on the speakers and head banging like some mad woman towards the speakers. we all died laughing. completely. and dixon had to go stand next to her and join in on the action. goodness gracious. it was fun, and somewhat a little weird. there were bits i felt bit taken aback, and didnt know what to do. its like when you know something’s not right but you don’t do anything about it. but im just glad zouk was actually fun, maybe cuz it was pretty short.

there was flea-tique at SAM today. the things were pretty alright, and it was a total steam room in there. it was hot and humid, which made things worse. but i manage to get a pair of shades at quite a reasonable price! somehow everyone met everyone else there. which is pretty nice.

oh yes! i had my first tuition with my new kid in the morning! gosh it was early! but it was quite fun! little china girl, tian. its quite fun talking to her cuz she talks but im guessing she doesnt know what the heck she’s saying or what in saying either. so we just laugh about everything. its damn funny.  i cant wait till the money comes in. dirt broke right now. damn.

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i want this!!

why doesn’t top shop here carry such nice stuff!!! poof!

now this is what i call back to school essential

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Black Market strikes again

another chill out lazy sundy at dempsey this weekend!

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visual candy

looking great as ever, despite the horrible press and bad-girl rep.

and here’s an interesting new way to wear your belt by Philip Lim

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