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i hate being sick!

its a freakin thursday morning and im in sch. firstly, i have no classes on thursdays. and secondly, waking up before 12 is considered a morning. so damn it. i don’t even know why i decided to come for this meeting. its not even important. i was suppose to meet some.. but aparently someone was super late cuz of the rain.. and then the after meeting plans didnt work.. so oh well. i felt like i wasted my day. gee..

this past week i’ve been sick. throat hurts like crap, plus the fever, cramps and back aches. i feel like dying. plus its so tiring giong for endless fyp meetings. i hate meetings now. like totally. the throat isnt getting any better, and its so hard for me to eat cuz it hurts whenever i swallow. freak. i hate it. for an entire week ive been like this. shivering my ass off when it’s like out in the open, and burning up so easily randomy. argh. i hate getting fevers.

so i was meaning to post this way back. monday was spent at cathay doing boring ass readings and helping dear little man-girl eeeeeelin with her architecture homework. we can sketch buildings too!! it was quite fun cuz after we closed bnj we sorta had the whole place to ourselves. coooooool shit. haha..

eelin, mel & i and my sketches of lasalle!

today was rather adventurous. but unfortunately i’m seriously too worn out to write so i’m leaving it for another time!


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daydream believer

99 red balloons – goldfinger

finally finally i have time for the beach and some sun. i swear schooling and working will surely make you look like a zombie, all pasty and ghoulish. im gonna post this asap so that cass can’t say what not to post!! haha..

never been happier by the beach. cass was happily eating the cup cake i made, while i just happily fell asleep after watching the clouds go by. most unfortunately, the sun didn’t stay out long and we left for lunch at vivo.

and thanks to murphy’s law. just when we got out of the cab, it was sunny! as ever. so we were like stuck on going back or staying to catch a movie. lunch was pretty nice at this Indonesian place. the food and all was pretty good, with the exception of the exorbitant pricing in their plain rice. we finally caught Dark Knight.a after like forever! Heath Ledger is awesome. with somewhat a Jonny Dep touch to it.


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candy swirls

falling slowly – glen hansard and marketa irglova

i’ve officially been off the partying mode for while. yes, no more zouking for me. and im ceasing to use whatever privileges ive got. its time for rebellion just because im basically pretty much sick of people thinking im some wild party girl.  just cuz i hang out quite a bit at zouk doesnt make me a hard core party girl. neither does hanging out at a library/staying at home makes one a plain jane goody-two-shoes. im tired of being misunderstood. with the addition of some preconceived perceptions that im self inclusive from some people. like i would bother to do so. if you don’t know me well enough, you should jolly well shut the fuck up. yes, all these angst. i guess its the last of it now. so its all out. i won’t bother with it anymore. eelin might just be right. maybe i’d start taking up muay thai.’s be hilarious shit. so is that gonna make me some dude now? geee.. the way some people think.

alright, as always, wednesdays are the start of MY weekend. and it’s always a blast. wherever it is! this week it was our baking night!!

we couldnt think of anything to bake that is colourful and fun, so we bought some white cake mix and created out own rainbow cupcakes! they look like pots of paints before going into the oven! and so while waiting…eelin and mel got too high from eating the icing and started to do all sorts of crazy things while i was on msn and trying to get project stuff done.

no wonder they say blondes get all the fun. it was damn funny even trying to be blonde!

and.. finally.. ta daaaaa! pretty rainbow coloured cupcakes! the icing was PRETTY!


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wouldn’t it be lovely

wouldn’t it be lovely to walk through the fields picking wild flowers under cloudless skies  amongst the endless green

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shining waters, silent waves

the minnow & the trout – a fine frenzy

it’s 10am, pouring and im not in bed. its totally weird for me. i’d be very much happier in slumber dreaming of cloudless skies and daisies. unfortunately i have to wake up extra early to get my video review for Media in America done. i was too pissed off and confused last night to do anything. oh well. i’m quite awake and can’t fall back to sleep cuz class is in an hour! argh.

sunday was pretty nice. it was one of those sundays that u wished never ended. first up was zouk flea with carina, joy and dawn. sunday brunch at toast was lovely! i don’t think i’ll ever get sick of the sandwiches and salads there.

zouk flea was packed as hell as usual. somehow everyone seemed to be there. and the crowd’s changed quite a bit. it was much better in the past, without all the online shops selling replicas from bangkok at astounding prices. there are so many nicer clothes from bangkok, i don’t get why every other shop here sells the same pieces from there. its as if they all go to platinum mall and just mass order without looking. its quite a pity. and these often caters to a different crowd which explains the change. it used to be classy, quirky vintage finds, now it sees a tad bit tacky. nonetheless, the ground level had some of the better stuff. oh yes, i hate how rude some people are. is it that difficult to just say “excuse me?”. Singapore really could do with the revitalizing of its courtesy campaign. so much for a gracious society.

it was pretty fun digging through the piles of vintage finds. i managed to get a white maxi dress, and a handmade notebook with brown paper! im a sucker for brown papers! oh well, i was quite sad i found out the dress had a stain. i knew it was weird it being so cheap! im still trying to get it out.

happy happy happy after all the shopping!

it was off to ann siang for a bit then to the airport to get some studying done before sending jon off. i finally made it to T3! but i didnt get to see much of it. damn. just the basement levels. its exciting checking out a new place. all the anticipation! alright im pretty much easily amused.

much later after we hung out at a special spot at east coast. i think it was the jetty or some sort. i loved it. just standing there facing the sea, wind in the face and no one else near by. i could stand there alone forever. i’ve always had a thing with the sea and beaches. it totally calms me down and it feels completely liberating. its pretty much unexplainable.

shining waters and silent waves

serenity, seclusion, liberation

i could stand alone all night

let the current wash everything away

for once it felt free

somehow everything including you just faded away

it was just the stars, the wind, the sea and i

just letting everything else pass me by


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im feeling so crappy now that i don’t even have the mood to blog about the weekend. ive never felt so angry, frustrated and sad all at once. i don’t get it. and i hate it. i hate the fact that everyone fucking things im some wild party girl just cuz i club. excuse me, i’m but only human. just because i frequent zouk and enjoy certain privileges doesn’t mean im some hard core clubber shit.  in fact i don’t find it that appealing anymore. if it aint for my friends i’d be happier chilling elsewhere. i never found the need to explain all these shit, neither so i ever give a shit about what people think. and i hate it that im so affected right now. what the hell is wrong? i feel like im gonna choke and die of pain. im pissed with the impression i give others, the way i look, the way people think of me whatever. i can’t fucking help it if i look like this right? just cuz i dont look like every other singaporean girl doesnt make me some wild ass party animal. i hate it how no one believes things i say cuz i dont look like it. or the fact that im a bad influence. and i hate it for letting myself be this way. i hate that i care too much, that i knowingly let some things happen just cuz i want people to be happy. i hate that everything is going wrong, that people i love and cherish are all leaving this country while im stuck here to rot away. im so confused and angry i feel like punching something till my hands bleed. i wanna feel some sort of pain outside cuz the inside is killing me. its as if something eats you from the inside. im pissed, with what people hear from others and think im like that, im so pissed i can’t be bothered to paragraph cuz im really ranting. so what if ure fucking joking or you don’t mean what you say? it doesnt change the inflicted effect does it? and why do people have to be insensitive and put things in such a way that make you feel like ure worth less than dust on the gound? im confused. i dont even know what the hell im doing with my freakin life. dont know why im even stuck here in this pathetic shit hole. somewhere inside my head its like a million people yelling and screaming at how stupid i am.

i was standing by the sea last night, all calm and serene. i wish i was there alone right now. to just let things be washed away by the current.

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the last supper

on the summer solstice – aspidistrafly

saturday was the last day with jon. who was gonna fly far away to chicago for uni. just great. another one leaves. ive had enough of this. sermon in church today was pretty good. so dinner at hv with jon sebas and dan. i don;t know what i’ll do without sebas and jon. seriously. and now jon’s gone. so its just great. i think ive shed enough tears for tt. it was the usual nonsense shit, sebas being a total cam whore and quite the bitch, (there’s a reason why i say he’s my girlfriend) and jon’s just jon! i’ll miss u dear boy.

the guys: sebas, jon & dan

marmalade’s chocolate tart and carrot cake is sex!

headed back to church after that for some sashimi! and sean finally came down to church. first time ive seen him in church ever since i started attending.

sean, sally, zech & dong the pseudo sushi chef!

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