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i’m in love..

with THIS!!!

the miu miu ruched frame bag

7OO+pounds. man. i’ve got to start loving less.


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a beautiful lie – 30 seconds to mars

jared leto. hot hot hot stuff. why did i not realize this earlier?!  his eyes and his voice is enough to sweep any girl away.

poof! back to the ground. being back in singapore has made me realize how little there is to do here. i mean seriously, the main activities are basically eat, shop, more eating, the occasional movie, some partying, and that’s basically it. that’s kinda sad. really. and everything costs so freakin much, its insane. especially the cab fares.

ive been bumming around for a day and a half, and it really does gets to your head. damn i feel so freakin unproductive. the garden festival thing has been on for quite some time, so i decided to check it out, since there’s really nothing much to do around here anyway. met up mei mei and felicia  to go look at some trees! im not that much of a nature girl, but that much plants and flowers indoors at a convention hall sure seems kinda weird. and the most of the flowers seemed a little lifeless. some arrangements were pretty beautiful though. especially the one that looks like the enchanted forest/the secret garden/alice in wonderland!

these are the ones i like!

oh and we found some funny tribal thing with eyes and tongues that stuck out!

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hey oh! let’s go!

blitzkrieg bop – ramones

i was quite disappointed that its yet another trip to bangkok that i did not club. damn. oh well, the weekend at zouk pretty much made up for it!

it was emme’s farewell dinner with sharon on friday night. and after which i met theo and josh. we went to check out what the hype was at beatnik, wasnt that much of a hype. oh well, when you permit kids to party, esp irritating 16year olds, it’s definitely not gonna be much of a success. even the night publicity event at the national museum across the street seemed way more happening. oh yes, and its the first time i got carded since a long long time ago! haha. there are reasons why partying at zouk is just awesome. oh well.. after a round of seeing people sit around the stage and old aunties fanning themselves under the trees, it was time to ditch beatnik for some real partying at zouk.

theo josh and i pre drinks

so theo and josh has this no-strings-attached game, which sounded pretty interesting. it was just basically to see who could pick up more babes/dudes and score more points! we tried a round pre-drinks, which totally FAILED! and post drinks didnt really work out either. maybe just a bit. but it was quite funny. met a bunch of crazy guys who were arguing on who’s gay, but to me they all seemed pretty gay at the moment. it was hilarious! and yes we took a ton of photos as well.

and post drinks.

i miss you already THEO! COME BACK COME BACK!



so i woke up feeling pretty stoned and dragged myself to work at dempsey. work was pretty insane and bloody hell boring. with the exception of the fedora hat cutie who really woke me up! haha.. and of course THANKS to tiff and nicole who stopped by to visit me! and also sarah! it was a really nice surprise! 🙂 and so after like 4 or 5 vermonsters  and a ton of waffle orders later i seriously had to bail for more important stuff! haha.. party of course!

it was my first ready set glow, and the music was kinda weird to dance to at first, but after a while and a couple of drinks it was INSANE! phuture was awesome too, just too packed with either really gay or really desperate guys. seesh. everyone was all high and crazy, with wei spouting way too much nonsense. and some information that i really didnt need to know. oh boy. it was awesome nonetheless!

jiajun, wei, dixon and a bunch of friends of friends!

wave ur hands in the air like you don’t care!

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c’est si bon

that’s not my name – the ting tings

the room went from neat and clean to hurricane swept overnight. one extra box of stuff piles of clothes and what nots. i haven’t quite properly unpacked ever since i got back. its been kinda crazy. and ive just finally managed to upload the photos of the trip. it was fantastic. i was pretty sad to leave. and my cousins were at school so i didnt get to say bye! 😦 i think i drove my aunts nuts pleading to extend my trip for another week on the last 2 days. there’s so much happening so here goes!


i got sorta lost at the airport. Changi Airport. i can’t believe it either. i was probably too stoned from zouk a few hours before i flew off. i remember rushing home to throw all i can find into my suit case and being hurried off to the airport by my dad. and daddy was too lazy to get off the car so he happily dropped my at the airport and left. i was walking around like a zombie trying to look for the check in counter and stuff. i sorta freaked out cuz like 5mins before boarding the plane i realize there was no seat no on my boarding pass. alright. disclaimer: ive never flew airasia in my life! so i was busy texting tiff and my dad(who wasnt much of a help!), luckily tiff called. haha.. hilarious shit. half the time i was hoping not to seat next to a big gross dude. thank god i found my seat next to this adorable little girl and her daddy! she was one smart girl too!

at bangkok, the two little ones Don and Nut came to pick me up at the airport with my aunts. and boy do they love taking photos. especially the little one, who made me run around the mall with him taking photos of him. and he’s actually pose! i was quite shock!

lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant

i love love the jap food there!

and we wasted no time shopping!

Day 2

bua, don & nut

my other cousins came over. Bua and Sernoi. Bua’s grown to be such a pretty little girl! she’s gonna be hot stuff soon! oh yes, and that’s like 10am in the morning. the earliest i’ve woken up in ages!


we visited the nearby market! they had everything. like literaly! it was so damn freakin hot i almost died! and it wasn’t even chatuchat yet!

The Rest of the Days!

i was too happily shopping i totally couldn’t be bothered to take photos! unless i see something interesting! like..

coloured rice! blue green yellow and red! and of course i bought some back! oh yes, the deli’s, supermarkets and bakeries were gorgeous! every single shop! here’s one at Siam Paragon’s supermarket. there were so many more which i couldnt take! and whats even better is that the cakes and desserts were all so cheap! they’re about $2-3 a slice, and they all look as good as those you get from Canelé and hotels! i had one from Le Norte, this Parisian pâtisserie/chocolaterie place down at Thong Lor. it was really good, and very reasonable for one of the better pâtisseries in Paris. plus, it was still cheaper than the cakes you get from Starbucks here. talk about getting ripped off!

then it was the 2 crazy days at Chatuchat in the day and Suan Lom at night. complete madness. after the first day my aunts decided not to walk with me and just sit and wait at the market cuz they thought i was mad. yes, i was happily shopping nonstop from 12plus till 6! and i bought so so much stuff.

it was quite fun shopping alone, and you get to meet really interesting people. like Janet who’s a designer of her very own shoe line Madame Flamingo. they’re pretty, with a quirky egde to it. she’s one crazy party girl too!

while melting away under the scorching sun and being deprived of air in chatuchat, i was appalled to see so many guys and girls fully clothed complete with layers and buttoned shirts shopping. it was insane. i felt so hot for them. there i was perspiring away in the bare minimum of a bikini top and a tube dress and these guys were in tight skinnies and long sleeves shirt buttoned right up to the top! some even had vests! i really admire the lengths they go to just for fashion’s sake. but i still think it was insane.

me and all my stuff from chatuchat/some tv filming at suanlom/nut again/my aunt/bkk’s chinatown!

oh yes, another interesting thing that happened on the trip was that almost everyday i’d bump into some actress/actor/singer in town. so called ‘stars’ by my aunts, i was toatally oblivious and happily said “excuse me!” to this dude who was blocking my way at suanlom. whom turned out to be some singer from this really popular thai boy band. geee. and i was thinking why is there this dude all dressed up with so much wax in his hair, and highly suspicious trace of makeup! my aunts just thought i was mad. and not to forget, i saw Mario, the actor who played Tong in the movie Love of Siam. go watch it btw. the boy’s one of the prettiest boy ive seen! and i also bumped into this writer and photographer from Her World Bkk at Siam. omg. their media people are everywhere!

and so with so much more shopping and nonsense later, i finally gone home. 😦 i was really sad to leave. why why why didnt i move there?! i miss how everything was so relax and easygoing. oh well. guess who turned up to pick me up?! Dean the BEAN! silly boy made a big sign and stood at the gates. goodness. i was embarrassed.  at least someone came!  haha and he’d better! after all the clothes i bought him. plus the kenzo perfume and running 3 places just to get his favouret Foi Tong. it’s this thai sweet street snack made from egg yolk. eew. haha.. oh well.. at least he came! 🙂 even daddy didn’t bother to come. argh. whatever.

back home with the silly little brother


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drinking pepsi like water

it’s the fourth day here in bkk and things have been pretty good. there’s so much to see, the things, the people, everything looks somewhat familiar, yet new. im loving the whole laid back culture. its almost like everyone is so carefree and really enjoy what they are doing. people here are actually proud of what they do. they take pride in the details, and it shows from the way the dress and make the effort to do so.

just walking the streets of siam, where most of the teens hang out, almost everyone has a certain style. and they sure arent afraid to go all out. every girl has nicely maintained hair, and they’re made up(mostly basic,but the difference shows), and well groomed. u can tell that they spent some time dressing up. despite the whole rave about the brit pop and indie culture here, some of the outfits do look pretty cool. and boy do the guys take as much effort to dress up here. in fact they look pretty good. the straight ones. i was quite impressed by the style and fashion here. i observed that we possibly cant match them is probably due to the fact that we tend to play it safe and not go all out. people here arent afraid to wear hats and headgear and nice shoes and matching bags. style is about the whole look, not just a top or a dress. and you have to make it you. not just blindly following a trend like that of the table-cloth looking scarf and skin tight skinnies or high waisted skirts for tt matter.

street style aside, im pretty much enjoying how much im escaping from the stupid depressing reality back home. i swear ive never had so much problems with people in my life. and it irks me that im so bugged by it. u know people really do come and go, and i still don’t get how some can be two faced. i always thought i left that shit behind in secondary school. im having fun walking around not knowing anyone and talking to nice shop owners and stuff. the sad thing is that when i get home, and get onlline, shit pours in again. and it makes me just wanna run away even more. which i know i cant.

alright, there’s really so much more to write about. the food, the shopping, the people i met, everything! which i’ll write again when i get the time. ive been walking around all day and shopping so much im freakin broke. totally buying too much nonsense. till then, here are some photos of my cousins who were happily playing with photobooth on my mac! omg they’re smart kids! and definitely professional cam whores in training.

little ones Nuttapong (Nut) and Tanawat (Don)

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กันและกัน (gan lae gan) – Love of Siam Ost

it’s day 2 in bangkok, and i’m feeling great. everything here is so relax and chill, and the people are actually nice and friendly, not to mention the number of eye candy i’ve seen.

wednesday night was pretty crazy. headed to the beach with mae for a nice bake in the sun, and it was  rushing around getting my camera, meeting friends and finally zouk! just hours before i fly off. how could i not have my last party?!

zouk with mel, eric and his brother and friends, plus serene, gary, and will. turned out to be pretty crazy, except the boring bits of horrid music.

oh yes, we bumped into desmond and friends too. and someone was hot property tt night aye?!

the morning after was insane. i rushed home to pack, and managed to sneak a couple of hours of sleep before being dropped off at the airport. it was my first time traveling alone, and i was totally lost, not to forget being totally zonked out from zouk and the lack of sleep. thank god for tiff who called me and helped me out a bit. i was roaming around like a zombie in the departure hall cuz daddy was lazy to park and just dropped me off. it was a completely new experience. shall write about it proper when im out of my half asleep state right now. i need all the energy for chatuchuk tmr!! till then!

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hey you!

sorry there’s like no proper card or cake! i hope you get better soon and have an awesome birthday! we’ve still got a penny-toss-fountain-wish to make yea?! i ❤ u babe!

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