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the weekend lineup

stop and stare – one republic

the weekend seems pretty not bad right now. so as long as everything goes as planned. 🙂 for once ive a planned weekend. usually it is just random last min meet ups and what nots.

Friday night’s B-Boyz & Ballerina dance concert at the esplanade seems pretty interesting! im quite looking forward to that. now i just need to get a dress for the concert! yikes.

and it’s time for a FLEA!! again on saturday! YAY!

it’s gonna be 80 over stalls from vintage finds to local designed clothes and what nots. time for some cool finds again and crazy nonsense with the sister nicole!

as i’ve said earlier, my body clock’s totally screwed. it’s like 3:14am and im completely wide awake and feeling so hyper i could go for a run right now. but then that’s insane. i really should sleep and try not to ruin my lash extensions i got today. it was painful lyingt here for 2hrs straight not being able to move. im sure the lady got irritated by my fidgeting. i swear i thought my whole back was just gonna cramp up. oh well. it was a pretty cool experience. i just hope the lashes stay on right now. i have lashes! for once.

oh well. kim and julian are playing at B&J Dempsey tomorrow night. and the cathay girls are having some planned outing. i shant discuss that. i’m glad im not having anything to do with the management people there. completely screwed up. the girls are nice, just not the two people incharge. oh well. not like i give a shit about it. one thing i can never tolerate is people trying to make use of me, so you can kiss your sorry little ass and forget about me ever helping you to work when you can’t find people cuz all of you guys wanna go out. it’s totally not my business like what you said. there’s always a reason why no one wants to go back to work there. oh well, its gonna be interesting tomorrow.


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twisted fairytale

8 become 1 – norwegian recycling

i came across this absolutely amazing fashion photographer, tim walker, who takes stunning photographs with very whimsical, fantasy-liked themes. the photos are just gorgeous.

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red nosed

take a bow – rhiana

im still hoping some kind soul would actually return my wallet. it’s like a close to zero chance but i really really want it back. i dont get how can people get away with the guilt after taking someone else’s belongings. especially if its personal stuff like ids and cards. i hope the guilt eats you alive, seriously.

oh well.. i’ve been upset and pissed the past few days over my stupid wallet and didnt have any mood for anything. its pathetic. oh well.. zohan with tiff last night was pretty good. it was typical slap-stick comedy. adam sandler’s awesome! i liked it! incredible hulk with dean on sunday turned out better than expected as well. surprisingly.

the past week has been a bum. waking up after lunch and not returning till sunrise. or sometimes just sleeping the whole day away. perfect. my whole body clock’s turned all upside down now. partying close to 3 nights a week is quite insane. not to forget hanging out at unexpected places. anything to ditch the crowd at orchard. oh well, here are some photos before i rush off for lash extension at brow hause! scary!!

bumming around by the river with mel nicole and julian. there really isnt much to do after everything closes. how boring!

cass and i being tourists for the day

and the secret hideaway at robertson quay!

i was sick the whole week. the whole flu, high fever thing which was quite sucky. my nose was blocked the whole time so there wasnt much i could do as well. what a bummer! i think my nose looks red in the photos if u can see clearly!

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where’s the karma?

i’m tired, my whole body aches, my arm feels like it’s about to drop off and im pissed off as hell. of all things i’ve to lost my freakin wallet. i’m seriously in a whole lot of shit this time. replacing my cards and ic is enough to kill me alone. freak. whoever took it could you just take the cash and return the rest?! pleaseee?! i’ve a whole lot of important name cards in there as well. just great. and guess what, i lost it AT MY WORK PLACE! BNJ DEMPSEY! completely unreliable. and i was sure i never took it out. even the girls saw me went into the office with the wallet and i kept it in my bag. which just means someone freakin took it. GIVE IT BACK DAMN IT! im totally fuming right now. why the hell would anyone want someone else’s wallet?! ive never ever took anything from anyone so why is this happening to me?! so much for karma.

i feel so lost right now. ive never lost my wallet since primary school i think. argh.. give it back give it back give it back!!!!!!!

and yes, it’s a black patent miu miu long wallet if anyone ever ever sees it. there’s only 2 or 3 in spore, so one of which is mine! im so pissed i cant sleep.

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near to you – a fine frenzy

its amazing how fast 6 months flew by. the daily complaints in the car to daddy about how much i dread going to work, cranky mornings and the post lunch nap (not that i could help it!). not to forget jumping outta my skin everytime nina or margaret calls me. what’s even more surprising, come to think of it, is how i put up with a whole lot of crap for 6months. but of course there were happy times, as always.

i’m at a lost for words on describing how i felt ending my internship. ive learnt a whole lot, seen a whole lot and realize so much about the way people behave. perhaps i should have studied anthropology. is it me or is my team so busy to notice my departure? i swear every single other intern has had their farewell lunches or what nots, and i got a “you’re not leaving for good aren’t you? you’ll be back right? so this isnt goodbye” yep i got that from BOTH my vps. like wow. i dun really know which way to interpret that, whether its good or bad even. seesh. and this was only after i sent out a goodbye email to the team, you know the formal stuff.

more surprisingly is the fact that prior to this, ive baked my colleagues a pretty chocolate caramel tart. (i love it, not because i made it) and had sent out an email about the tart as a way of saying thanks and goodbye. guess what, everyone asked me about the tart, asking for recipes blah blah, but no one realize i was leaving. like helloooo!! do you not have selective absorption of information or what?! oh well. im not complaining, im just pretty shock that people can be so oblivious. and no i was not expecting anything. a simple “goodbye” will be nice. it was pretty funny how my svp stood by the tart all day happily savoring it slice after slice. and still told me i should bake more for them in the future. ahaha.. i was thinking, what future?! it’s pretty hilarious come to think of it. i’ll still miss all of them in one way or another. but for not it’s YAY to sleeping in and bumming all day!

and like al farewells, friday night ended with celebration, of course! dinner was at mel’s dad’s place, secret garden. the food was pretty good i’d say! then it was drinks and party at zouk! unfortunately the colleagues weren’t that much into partying, and since it was gary’s birthday we’d decide to throw him a mini party that night. it was pretty crazy. the drinking started since dinner! then drinks with the interns and colleagues, drinks with gary and serene and all, drinks with adam and all. felicia and friends were there as well. i’ll miss u babe! and of course, happy sweet 20th to the birthday boy gary!

gary, some guy we met at phuture, serene, will and summer!

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have a seat

omg this has got to be the coolest chair i’ve seen. the future of furniture perhaps?


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can you hear me?

near to you – a fine frenzy

after the talk with daddy last night, i really felt as if that blank canvas i so wanted was coming to  me much sooner than ive expected. and right now im really scared and not know what to do. in a year i’ll be graduating. i should get a job soon. now that internship’s ended and ive nothing to’s another worry all together now.

somehow the thought of moving elsewhere hit me at a completly different angle. ive always wanted to leave this place, run away and never look back. but now, it seems totally different. the uncertainity is hauntingly daunting. it is almost scary come to think of it. but i really want to do something im passionate about, something i wont regret, something i’ll wake up happy to.

i’ve always thought packing up and leaving everything behind and just going away quietly was easy peasy and something very quite possible. going through all the planning in my head’s kinda given me a total headache. im seriously just lost at what to do.

right now all i can think of is waking up to this.

yes seriously. just lazing around the beach being a beach bum. loving the sun and dancing the nights away. its ridiculously crazy. and im so wishing for it.

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