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lifesize – a fine frenzy

absolutely love this!



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the constants

spiderwebs – no doubt

the constants in your life, need i say more?

sharon, mae & shuhui

dinner with the sc girls was awesome. somehow it feels like we just graduated from scgs just last week. and now everyone’s all grown up and starting to settle down! it’s scary. it’s been about 8 or 9 years. simply amazing! love u all. 🙂

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ashes and wine – a fine frenzy

there are points in your life when you regret. the feeling of stupidity that leads you to doubt when why you chose to trust/believe in some people. it isnt the same anymore. like the butterfly effect, a small meaningless piece of information can alter perception and everything else revolving around it. sure there are those that try, then again, things will never return back to normal.

ive made several mistakes i’m not proud of. some of which may have caused some pretty permanent damage. well, why am i even kidding myself? all have. whether you like it or not, people judge. it’s a subconscious uncontrollable thing. there’s a reason in keeping your life private. the fear of it altering the way things are is enough to make you stash it away immediately. sometimes u take a risk, and trust someone, and things are good and u have someone more to trust; sometimes, it just becomes plastic and superficial. no matter how hard u try to believe, you cannot fool yourself. im my own greatest enemy, even i myself woud run away at such a change.

its saddening and disappointing, and yet frustrating at the same time. to feel like a complete idiot when you dont know how to properly express the complication of the matter. to be unable to relate it to the one u wanna trust, or perhaps think you can trust. its just very sad things are different. even worse when you find out things you wish you didnt have to know.

perhaps its just another harsh lesson i have to learn. and i’ll be keeping mum for now. sometimes the hurt just reassures the fact that it’s so much better to be hurting alone inside not having anyone than to share it and be judged and disappointed. ive heard this from friends, ive experienced it myself. i still can’t just get why things cant be so much more simple. i guess its no ones fault, but the fact is that we can’t fight natural human instinct, but we can control our actions. then again, true feelings can never be supressed or faked.

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dusk falls

stay out of trouble – Kings of Convenience

when you start working, the only time you have left to meet up with friends are after dark. it gets really sad. i miss strolling around town in the mid afternoons, with near to empty shops and best of all, no crowd. waking up at 12 and having a late breakfast/lunch at toast or whichever sandwich bar. right now, the only time you get away from work is after the sun sets and when all the other working creatures come out as well. so wherever you go it’s pack. which gets a little irritating at times.

oh well. it’s the time of the year again. when people from everywhere else return for their summer break! and its awesome to have friends back! theoooo! when’s ur turn?!! HURRY BACK!!

its been a week of meet ups and dinners. mostly with people i havent seen in ages. i miss u guys!

i’d skip any meal for desserts!

wed night was dinner with my sp/cell leader yixin! haha.. the one tt’s closest to getting married! whoohoo.. maybe i’ll be attending my first wedding real soon! you can never go wrong with thai food and a sinfully pleasing dessert! cheese ice cream at baker’s inn taste oddly nice, despite sounding a tad bit weird. perhaps a refreshing change to the pallets.

the best tuition teacher, jilien!

thursday was korean night with the long-lost tuition teacher, jilien! u havent changed a bit since we had tuition when i was 12! gosh! the korean place at the basement of far east is pretty not bad. love the side dishes and beef u can bbq on ur own! this girl sure can eat! after it was coffee and desserts at starbucks, since everywhere else is closed! (see the horrible downside to working!) after which it was more drinks at hv with her friends discussing the difference in Gen-Y and Gen X kids. i never knew there were such detailed distinctions to differentiate the generations! it was pretty fun! plus somehow everyone seemed to be at starbucks at liat!

friday night was quite fun in fact! dear Harin’s back from New York! and she’s still the same crazily funny city girl! i should really move over to join her! silly girl found out she’s had no pictures all her 19 years of live, ok maybe tt’s a bit exaggerated so she got herself a camera and took photos of everything! ahaha.. dinner at PS cafe at dempsey was totally sinful! fish and chips were pretty good, and we had 2 desserts as mains!! hopefully i’ll get photos soon!

whiskey at members: jon, myself, polly, alfred & marcus

after tt it was off to meet polly and jon! we were suppose to just have drinks at winebar, and at 10! but the princess jon took forever to come. like seriously. so it ended up at members with jon, marcus and alfred. erwin and his friend joined us at zouk too! an hour or so on the dance floor with guy-grinding-guy army boys, and one very homophobic erwin nah was hilarious. it’s a total entertainment complete with a running commentary on everyone around us. ok maybe just the odd ones. it was still hilarious. polly and i spent most of the time laughing our heads off. colin and the other guys were there too! and after polly left, everyone started getting drunk. so the rest of the night was spent looking after drunk pple.

oh well, it was still fun. drunk people spout the funniest shit i tell you.

a very last min decision to party on sat night turned out to be pretty good! nicole ben and erwin, plus some other aquaintences like the neighbour, monica!!, sengkang boy, and mc zouk and co. it was hennesy on the rocks the whole night. insane. and some pretty touchy guys who couldn’t really dance. it was more like bobbing. so it was pretty funny. thank god for erwin to come to the rescue! and another night of entertaining running commentary!

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flea fly flo fun!

forever lost – the magic numbers

after a very much dramatic saturday night, and totally missing the mini rave with steve aioki, sunday was pretty fun! finally finally met up with nicole claire and polly!! haha.. yay!

first up was zouk flea!! a much more expensive one with the really funny steve aioki. zouk fleas are always a blast! its like a mini gathering and somehow you’ll bump into everyone! we saw this really outstanding dude on the way there too.. he had more eyeliner than me, dawn and sam combined!! haha.. and we kept bumping into him everwhere else!

it was not as crowded as usual, and also less to buy. i saw a very pretty top but it was going for $60, so i had doubts bout getting it. there were no labels and all. but the lady said it was a marc jacobs… hmm.. i really doubt tt. i finally got my straw fedora for $5!! haha.. its most probably gonna sit at home looking pretty! sheesh.. it was nice meeting so many pple there! desmond, vincent and his baby!, Trisha from Antipodean, sabrina, samantha, zaoyuan, some more sajc soccer guys (plus the cutie), my art director from Style lee fong!!! oh yes.. and of course the girls from victoria jomo carina and shermin! and somemore! haha.. all the more to love zouk flea!

the haji lane girls: carina, dawn & shermin!

steve aioki was up on some podium selling some pretty cool tshits from his line.. dawn and i wanted to get one each.. and we clearly heard they were $15 each.. and we asked like a few times. haha.. he was super funny.. and speaks with such a slur telling us how cool the shirts were and tt he wants to sign it for us. haha.. then we found out it was $50 each, instead of $15 and haha.. no way would i pay $50 for something i dont even really want and kinda “went to draw cash” haha… sorry steve! felt kinda bad cuz he signed one shirt already. but oh well..i’m sure someone else would get it anyway. hilariously cool druggie dude.. looks a tad bit stoned though. i still like the periodic table tshirt.

all hot and bothered after the flea!

polly, nicole and sam 🙂

after much shopping all around town our legs were so totally killing us. i kinda forgot how tiring it was to shop. and we ended up cathay to bum. and everyone was there! julian, hanizsa, eelin, kim and all.. so we hung around had dim sum ( the Cathay Restaurant dim sum’s actuallu yummy!) there was some band too so it was pretty fun! and i ended up staying back to help out cuz there were only 3 of them doing closing! and the crowd was pretty big! kinda miss working at cathay after not working there for so long. but just a little bit. i was standing there washing some stuff and like flash backs of what it used to be like with theo and janet, claire, linling and all way wayy back came.. it was so much fun its just a bit different. i think polly knows why too. haha..but we always have fun nonetheless!


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forbidden kisses

whisper – a fine frenzy

unfamiliarity in familiar territory

stunningly amazing view.

there was a million things running through my mind,

but my brain stopped functioning the moment you came close.

im sorry, i really don’t know

even i cant figure myself out

i wish i could

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almost lover

We walked along a crowded street
You took my hand and danced with me

And when you left you kissed my lips
You told me you’d never ever forget these images, no

I never want to see you unhappy
I thought you’d want the same for me

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I’m trying not to think about you
Can’t you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
I should’ve known you’d bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

-A Fine Frenzy

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