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come and go in a flash

searchlights – david cook

the past 2 weeks simply flew by. 22 came so quick i didnt even have the time to stop and recollect mu thoughts. sometimes it feels like the world is starting to spin faster and faster till it reaches outta control one day.

21 seemed very much like a party year. endless nights and crazy partying, with everyone. sometimes i really wonder where i got all that energy from! oh well.. so turning 22 wasnt that much of a big deal. i enjoyed the dinners, tiramisu surprises(thanks tiff!), other not-so-surprising surprises(thanks nicole!) and everything else. lets see… i spent the day working, hosting the media, lunch with Take Home Chef Curtis Stone at Jones, and the first few hours sitting by the a fountain wishing for 22! pretty crazily unexpected, but pretty memorable. definitely not how i pictured it to be, but not any worse i guess.

late night grocery shopping at Holland V!

nicole and i in the kidnapper’s van!

the first few minutes of 22 with the babe tiff!

toss a penny into the fountain

shut your eyes and make a wish

catch a falling star and put it in your pocket

standing under the stars, sharing a lingering kiss



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now this is what i call work

reclusion – anberlin

now this is what i called real work. going back to seventeen’s studio for my advertorial shoot was one of the best work days ever this year. for once i was enjoying what i was doing. even if it means staying in the studio the whole entire day and running all around.

the shoot was for JEC. totally horrid place that gave me quite a headache. advertorials are always difficult, with crappy clothes. but the pay is good. so oh well. i had quite a lot of fun actually. and at some point it seemed like i was taking the photos! haha.. cuz weite had to go adjust the lighting thing! here are some shots!

some behind the scenes shot of my stuff and weite!

i almost forgot how freakin hard it is just to catch the correct lighting at the correct angle and all.

the final 5 shots for the spread after a day of ransacking Seventeen’s and Female’s store room to loan the props! nothing fantastic. usual stuff. apparently all my fantastic cool idead are pretty non-feasible!

i still like the sand one!

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1963 – rachel yamagata

a party-less saturday night again. but somehow seemed more fun than the uaual zouk. i guess things get a little stale after a while. i have yet to find someone/something that can hold my attention for longer than i expect. even i can’t do that myself. gees. anyway.. nicole came down to pluck again and started dancing around the shop which was hilarious. and we ended up at holland v coldstorage with shaun. making a hell lot of noise at the supermarket and smelling things that should never be smelt! haha.. it was pretty funny.

oh well.. sunday service was pretty nice.. but half way through i had to do something crazy, just so to prevent myself from dozing off!’s a shot during service!

the closet cam whore jon!

after which it was sunday branch at dempsey’s with jas! ps cafe was lovely!

bacon & eggs and white chocolate coffee brownie!

yummy food always makes u happy!

it was off to town then the ulu lands of pulau jurong entertainment centre to source for stuff for my shoot. it was insanely ridiculous. there’s absolutely nothing there. unfortunately it was an advertorial for jec. yucks. how do u make something out of nothing?! oh well.

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i realize after one in 365, ive had a handful of people misunderstanding and thinkingim upset and all. dear all. i’m not yea!?! since when does dea not have a smile on her face?! 😀 thanks for ur wishes and all. was it really that misleading? perhaps it’s just random thoughts in my heads. thinking screws ur head up quite a bit. or perhaps its really what it is? im confused. as ever! oh well. 

everything will always be good and everything can always get better.  

im still bumped i have to work on my birthday. 😦

some shoutouts:

Tiffanie: thanks for the lovely surprise tiramisu in my fridge! omg i almost screamed when i open the fridge! 🙂 i love ya!

Theowee: yo babe, u rock! ahaha.. come back come back come back! and thanks too!

Belly: ur card is lovely! come back come back also!! happy belated birthday my smelly bellY! u owe me one belly dance! 😛


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one in 365

creep – radiohead

i used to remember back when i was a little girl, birthdays are something i always look forward to. there were the mac donald’s parties, the birthday get away trips my parents would plan, dinners, surprise parties back in school, dinners with friends, and also awkwardly nice birthday celebration at church. it seems that when ur younger, its so much a bigger thing than when ure older. somehow as the years pass the hype just gets watered down. i believe there’s always a kid inside us. every year somehow there’s just this slight wish of getting a surprise. something totally unknown. yes i do sometimes live in my own story book world. i guess growing up has thrown the cruel reality of the world at you and has tainted our childlike faith. honestly, it’s starting to seem like just another day in three hundred and sixty five. oh well, after all, it is.

its times like these that you see the truth in a lot of things. the genuineness of people, and also the ugly superficial side. oh well. i tried making things happen. i really wanted a crazy weekend. i tired asking friends. or so called. but responses like “what’s so special about this weekend?” just totally makes you think twice about things. ok, so i didnt wanted to make it a big deal and proclaim to the world. but im glad i kept mum. staying silent echoes so much more. well done. like i said, everything has an expiry date and a price tag.i truly appreciate the ones who remember and make it special nonetheless.

i dont know what’s up for this year. but seems like it’s gonna be a quiet one. unfortunately. i thought that least i could get the day off. but there’s a discovery channel event with curtis stone so i guess im not let off the hook. i still pray that just for a day i can just not have any worries and just chill out, have fun and be happy. i wanted it to be on my birthday, but somehow that wish is now long gone. right now any day will be good. i wish i wish…


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too sober for insanity

meds – placebo

fri night party could have been better. perhaps i was too sober. a couple of shots didnt make ay difference. and so attempts of celebrating my 22nd sorta failed. probably cuz i had too much on hand and couldnt really bothered. events, shoots and all other work are starting to pile up. which is good in the sense that i wouldnt get bored and start to drift off to nonsense land.

the little kid lester, tiff, shinyeong and her cousin

the night out with the girls tiff and shin and her cousin was pretty fun. partying with a group of girls is always fun. not many familiar faces in the crowd this time, just a few odd ones that i did not wish to see. i cant help but realize that the guys in phuture these days are getting worse. i dont know why, but somehow they just dont get the hint that u really would like to have your space and dance in peace. it’s times like these when you really wish you had someone ure comfortable with there. i don’t get how they don’t understand what “no thank you” or “excuse me” means.

oh well. anyway, it was pretty fun, but somehow i kinda miss the hype and craziness back then. maybe i’m growing out of the whole partying thing.oh yes, did i not mention shin yeong’s cousin’s the cutest funniest girl ive met this month. she’s damn funny. maybe cuz she can’t speak english and is here to learn. she’s one cool party babe! the little underaged kid lester found us at phuture and man was he one energizer bunny! poor tiff. but it was fun. moderately crazy. i guess.

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shades, smiles & sandwhich

smells like teen spirit – nirvana

the return of the girlfriend! after going mia for ever! service was refreshing. i like the peace and stillness when all else fades away. lunch at toast and shopping around town. sebas is still crazy as usual. he’s probably like the best gay friend every girl has, just that he’s straight, and highly metrosexual. it’s hilarious. hence the best girlfriend.

the best girlfriend sebas

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