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Would I See the Last of You

9 crimes – damien rice

28th December: 

its been 4 months since ive worked at Pluck. it has become very much like our second home and its kinda sad to leave. at least for now. not that i want to. but because internship at Weber Shandwick’s starting real real soon.hopefully i’ll be able to do some friday night or weekend shifts at pluck. i’ll miss the little crazy happenings, amelia and my self entertaining moments, stressing and freaking out over the shortage in cash at the end of the night, spotting some very weird dressing, and some really gorgeous ones as well, plus the game of Give & Take! this friday wasn’t any different. and it was pretty much like every other fridays. jiajun came by for a bit, followed by colin and joel. pretty unexpected i’d say. 


the usual self entertainment and silly stunts!

colin dropped by with his friends to hang out too.


the all grown up joel, well not quite!

guess who the wind blew in?! i havent seen this boy in pretty long. before starbucks the last time it was 4 years! its things like these that slaps you in the face and tells you time really flies. the last i remembered he was still in sji with the really really short attention span and getting bored of everything. and now. so some things might not have changed aye?! it was nice catching up a bit and stuff. somehow or rather we only managed to close the shop at 1230 that night, cuz there were still customers and the money pot got all messed and jumble up again. so amelia went wonky trying to sort the cash out. joel was hanging around laughing his head off in amusement at how we settle things. it was pretty funny. so it was some middle eastern kebab for supper with joel and friend at the shisha place down the lane. actually it was my first time hanging out at haij lane! it was pretty fun seeing people do silly things and getting high on perhaps shisha?! there was this dude yelling and spouting nonsense in a hysterical fit and this other lady at the other end trying to dance around the pillar like some bollywood star. it was damn funny.

so that was friday. oh yes! and it was the first i wore jeans to work!


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a glimpse of what could be

too careful(rage) – end of fashion

27th December : Have Yourself a Plucky Christmas!

after a very crazy night at zouk with pretty babe serene, and the guys kenneth sat and all, the guys decided a very last minute decision to go to the airport to send belly off to US at 4 plus in the morning. it was crazy. really. stayed all the way till mambo ended and dragged our half dead bodies to changi!! everything was still a little blury to me at the airport. perhaps the half jug of lychee liqueur serene and i shared or maybe the lack of oxygen and exhaustion. finally got home after some bk breakfast at 7plus and managed to get a few hours of shut eye before meeting the Pluckies!

its post christmas with the Pluckies, nonetheless it was very christmasy! Thanks to big bosses Alex and Adrian who treated to a delectable spread of sweets and canapes at The Rose Veranda at Shangrila. it was a really beautiful afternoon sipping all sorts of exotic flavours of tea from their tea menu. i had a blend of fruit tea which tasted just like summer! some how it reminded of spring or summer! there was so much to try and the comfy sofas together with the serene ambiance really prepares you for slumber land. surprisingly we didnt spend the time taking lots of photos . perhaps we were too happy having tea and enjoying the food! it was awesome!


 i could get use to this life!


 sweets, teas and a whole lot of delicious treats!


The Pluck Family: geri, me, lisa, huizhen, adrian, alex, shuan and amelia!


The Big Bosses: Adrian & Alex

Possibly the best bosses anyone could ever get.

if either of  you see this, THANKS! and Merry Christmas!

working at Pluck was one of the best things of 2007!


 after sitting and bumming the afternoon away, we headed to town in search for something fun and interesting. the guyshad a party to attend so it was just left with us girls. we were all still tired from the partying the night before so we settled on a movie. Across the Universe. it’s pretty good i’d say. with an awesome soundtrack. somewhat like a cross between Big Fish and Hairspray. with lots of puns and satires. humorous nonetheless. its odd how much im hanging out at cine! somehow we always end up catching a movie there! and it was never the case in the past. i could go with weeks not stepping into the building! how odd now that im there so often. definitely a very very different crowd.


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let it be – across the universe ost 
i will attempt to post the events of the past few days before 2008. hopefully. too many things have been going on! every time i decide to blog i fall asleep editing photos. so here goes. wish me luck!
26th December
Attack of the Poofy Haired Trio
finally finally its back to the beach to get back my tann! after months of being cooped up in the concrete jungle of ntu and running all around it’s back to being a beach bum! yay! headed to sentosa with june and nicole and then to town to meet cass and bum around till our legs felt like giving way. it was lots and lots of nonsense plus crazy ideas.


myself, june and nicole


and someone’s back from US finally!! Cassandra!!

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celebrate life

radios in heaven – plain white t’s

we were the reason that he gave his life

we were the reason that he suffered and died

to a world that was lost he gave all he could give

to show us the reason to live.

we are the reason – Alavon

happy blessed christmas peeps!! its the special day of the year once again. year after year, it seems like more and more people are making it seem so so commercialized. somehow it’s becoming like a couple thing. like spending it with your loved one. its a tad bit sad how the essence of the birth of Christ seems to be fading into commercialism of this world. not that im a grinch and a holy kia, of course celebrating it with someone special would be nice and sweet, yet somehow the feel of christmas isnt quite there this year. perhaps when ure a kid everything seems more exciting and bigger of a deal. nonetheless it was pretty fun for me.

christmas eve seemed pretty dead. braved the crowd in town to get very very last min presents. and material to make my cards. dinner at central with dean and daddy was nice! the food turned out pretty good! and we found a nice little japanese supermarket tucked away at the basement! later that night i went down to join the bnj girls at cathay for our so called mini countdown. oh well.

kat, sihong, june and nicole!

when i got to church today i was in shock. i was a little late and there was a queue. a really really long queue of people waiting to enter the audi. it was crazy! the queue was longer than zouk’s on wed! like it went around the building! madness. at least at zouk i wouldnt have to queue! the morning started off not too well. of all people i had to bump into it was that thing. yes i refuse to acknowledge it as a human being cuz that would be an insult to the human race. service was pretty ok. and the meet ups and present exchange was great! i so so so loved the Kate Spade book from kelly and all. thanks so much!!! so after bumping into too many people that i do not want to meet we finally escaped and headed to hv for branch! and some tea and eye candy at marmalade! what a coincidence! tea was splendid of course!

almost like family sebas and kelly and jon too who took the photo!

afternoon shopping with mr colin turned out to pretty much be wandering around town like lost souls. but it was pretty fun! visited all the branded boutiques and i found a prada wallet i want! yay! soon soon. when my pay comes! im so freakin broke right now! any kind souls who would like to donate?! 🙂



and we bumped into amelia!

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absence makes the heart fonder, but a hope deffered makes the heart sick

slow dancing in a burning room – jason mraz

Saturday was spent shopping with theo and shin! we each bought a dress for christmas! so it’s all happy! broke but happy! i dont quite understand why is it always so difficult to find something nice to buy when you have the money, but when ure broke everything somehow seems like what you’re looking for!?! damn murphy’s law!


it was lunch at china town cuz i wanted to check out some diy stuff. or was that friday?! gosh i cant remember. all i know is china town is crazy! it was like walking in an oven! and so many aunties were pushing all over! but the duck rice was goood!

town was crazily packed. the festive season really kills the fun of bumming around in town. cuz everyone’s out and rushing around. and people get rude. plus the heat. makes it a killer. thank god shopping was pretty productive!


in the evening we attending Grace Assembly’s christmas play/musical, which was pretty good! interesting concept and nice set. just couldnt stand the shrieking from the bimbos in the play. it made my hair stand every time they talk. how on earth do people talk like they’re consistently excited!?!! other than that it was good! towards the end Gurmit Singh came up to share some stuff and sang a song. i never knew he could sing. and he’s pretty good at it too! by the time we ended our stomachs were growling! so it was off to Spize for prata! finally!


liang shinyeong shinyee and daniel

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i wish you were here – incubus

a very solemn and zonked out thursday followed. both amelia and i were too stoned to do anything. at some point i actually felt as if we were zombies floating around the shop. vincent and azy dropped by to give out the zouk flyers, as usual. it was hilarious talking about the night before and how vincent imitates him being a village chief to control the crowd! haha.. he just stood there and stared at the sky. “everything they ask me i just look at the sky.” damn funny.

guess who stopped by! POLLY!!! yay! ure finally back from polly pocket land! haha.. thanks for the present!! i hope you like yours too! i love love the headband! after work i was treated to a very authentic korean dinner at Shin’s! had some kimchi soup thing and korean beef which was damn good! and i had black rice for the first time. i thought it’d taste like yucky healthy thing but it’s YUMMY!

amelia & polly!
friday was pretty fun. i dont know how come shin and i ended up in town yet again. despite hating the crowd so so much. brought her to try the crepe at Canele which was lovely! after work, it was suppose to be home club. but people were in the shop till 12midnight! and somehow i wasnt in the mood for home club’s music. so headed down to MOS to meet jeanette. yep. mos. my very first time at mos. it was er.. alright. the music’s a bit weird and irregular.. very unlike andrew chow’s. it’s totally random here. so it was good at times! the crowd was.. hmm.. gross?! yes.. pretty much. made me realize how much better looking the zouk crowd was. doubt i’ll be going back there anytime soon..i love the retro room though. it’s so cute! with the coloured-lights dance floor! i bumped into mae on my way out and poor girl was so gone. so i had to stay with her and she ended up crashing at my place.

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i’m yours – jason mraz

it almost seems as if the week has taken a life of its own. its so weird how one moment it can seem so crazily packed and the next it’s just bumming and not knowing what to do. in a couple of days 2007’s gonna be over, and once again it’s all happening way too quickly. i can’t believe how time flies.


the little lane seemed pretty quiet on a grey, and rainy tuesday. most of which was spent designing plastic bags for the shop. i should really keep a copy of each design! so it was just me, and the stillness of the empty shop. the sound of raindrops, some postal service, and the occasional glances at my phone just to check. its silly. but somehow part of me just wish that things would be different.


so it was a late dinner cum coffee and drinks sess with my dearest girlfriends sebas and jon whom i’ve not met up in ages! delicious pasta, some tea and coronas plus lots of crazy photos, raiding my bag, and checking out random people around us. ive finally realized how much i missed hanging out with you guys. crazy shit. its just like the good old days.

always the controversial nonsense,and jon’s serious plan on getting me a boyfriend cuz i should ‘settle down and tone down’ just to quote. which i find utterly hilarious. dear boy was actually really serious it was so funny! and yes, so now you know the criteria, bring it on mr! hahaha.. shocking news totally. and not to forget the tons of blonde moments by yours truly, sebas, who intends on becoming a very blonde and bimbotic lawyer. kudos!

my dearest bitches! sebas & jon. now now what would i do without you both?!
finally my dear ‘sister’ is meeting me. nicole yan chew chew hurry be done with your exams!! shopping was pretty unproductive, but fun! and someone refused to take any photos! tut tut. i bought yet another bangle. and we practically walked all of orchard. spent almost forever at heeren cuz dear girl cant decide between white or silver! omg. im pretty sure all the poor num guys are terrified of you now. but its hilarious.
im so so pleased that i live just a few mins from town. makes everything so much easier. and you can afford to rush home for a quick change before dinner. and it’s dear kelly’s birthday dinner tonight! happy happy birthday babe!! yummylicious seafood platter at fish n co and some starbucks after made it a really nice night out with everyone.
 dinner at fish & co
stopping tourists on the streets for a photograph
and i bumped into Sat!
sebas, jon, mike, jon myself, jasmin & kelly!
the weekly mambo at zouk after dinner didnt start off too good. im glad nicole agreed to come along! met colin, leslie, the pretty mooks babe, serena, and the rest of the younger num guys. lets say it wasnt the best of wednesday nights. by the time we got there it was already jammed packed with lots of weird people, and phuture was full house. getting in wasnt the difficult part. the bouncers at velvet are pretty nice and we could just jump the long queue! so YAY! we tired to hit the dance floor after 2 jugs of drinks and found ourselves stuck like sardines amongst a sea of strangers. yep. strangers are strange people.
it was a good thing to leave for a breather. we didnt realize the huge chaos going on till we got out! all the zouk guys were really pissed off with the crowd, and vincent was the funniest! he just stood there like a “village chief” as he puts it! its under these situations that you start to realize how stupid and unreasonable people can get. they won’t take no for an answer. at the time all 3 areas were full house and have reached maximum capacity. you could literally see people smashed against the glass doors at the entrance and trying to plead, beg, bribe the bouncers to get it. we hung around outside for a bit, feeling very disgusted with the crowd, and the number of people drunk and sloshed by the street. definitely not a pretty sight. someone suggested to leave for clark quay and  before i knew it we found ourselves there after a very expensive cab ride. and what’s worse, we hung out outside macs. cuz no one could decide what to do! its madness. we received some news from friends that Phuture got RAIDED! lights on, nusic stopped, head count, id check and all. total madness. azy was on the brink of going bonkers.
some how we didnt want to waste the night and tried out luck going back after the raid. thankfully the music was good and we managed to get some space. the crowd still wasnt right though. there were some really weird people in Phuture. and the company wasnt that fantastic, oh well. it wasnt that bad a night, but could have been much better. 

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