finally finally there will be some decent posting. hopefully there wont be any more huge gaps of mia in this new blog. so here’s an update of all the crazy things that’s been happening.


pre-exam party

of course you’ll have to party! zouk with alvin and matthew turned out to be way better than i expected. one of my best nights i’ll say. met alvin’s friends who were insane and crazily hilarious. i was literally squashed in the middle of all of them. you get the drift. it was all good fun. gary, gary, shawn(i still cant believe this boy is 16!), anavil(mr thai boy), wan hua and more. can’t remember them all but they were all really fun!


top right pic: gary, matthew, myself and alvin!




and i found my mr moley!! haha.. where have u been all these while matthew?! haha..

it was really one hell of a night! i’ll never forget anavil playing music on his hp and clubbing outside zouk by himself. hilarious shit! poor boy was so gone he was calling everyone thaksin. hahaha..




Friday I’m in Love!



Happy 21st Kenneth! Surprise celebration for the birthday boy at Home. Awesome. nothing can go wrong with great music and crazy dancin!! and finally mr samuel wong decided to come. polly, nic and julian were all there so it was great!






hanging at Pluck!


huizhen, wendy, alex da boss and myself


and of course the vvvip shaun!




so which is the real Gatsby? yes, i went a little insane studying for lit. actually i didnt even get started!






ice cream makes you HAPPY!


mini farewell for anavil!





everyone got a little crazy after they played with the colour swap function. it was then off to newton for supper! YUM!


gary and gary, anavil and i!




Flea at House



pluck girls and shaun! flea was nice, but small.i still want my typewriter!!




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